Serving an Indian Goddess – the COMPLETE TWO NOVELS

The world famous series “Serving an Indian Goddess” by Mike Watson now in a complete, Collector’s Item “compilation” format.

This book includes –

The three Volumes in “Serving a Indian Goddess

The Two Sequels in “Serving an Indian Goddess

Truly a “hauntingly beautiful” (and as always, true) tale from the “Real Mc Coy of Femdom and everything else related” – Mike Watson brings you this enchanting tale of one man’s utter and CRAVEN devotion to his Ms (Priyanka) and the sheer limits to which a truly submissive male can be taken (while enjoying it!).

The series ends on a lovely note, keeping the book open for further Sequels. Mike Watson would NEVER have guessed what lay ahead of him the evening those pink flip flops – and lovely FEET – took a hold of and cast a SPELL on his mind . . . forever!

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