Sakura would look lovely with flowers in her hair!

I know the lovely Bhagwati Devi looks even more like a Goddess when she puts flowers in her hair.

I know in the “Maji..” movie, part of the humiliation the young female servant went through was the older Maji plucking the flower out of her hair – evil sisters tearing the cast offs the maid wore – and Maji crushing the flower under her feet!

My, a truly deviant mind made that movie. Hehe. Bollywood is full of scenes like that though – so are Indian soap operas. Unfortunately real life there. Women can literally be brutal to each other and often are, and admit it, like my SO once said, women are each other’s worst enemies.


Madam Megan in China gave me the name Plum Blossom.

And today, Madam Mie in Japan gave me the name Sakura. Hehe.

Cherry blossoms are gorgeous when they bloom, but they are fleeting flowers that disappear within a week. And cherry blossoms are a favorite flower of Japanese people, so I think it would look great on you.

Somehow ,I think and I know both meant the same thing.

We will see how long before I get taken to a gay bar with them! Hehe…

But for now, truly blossoming and rising in sissydom, servitude to females globally like never ever before my friend.

And it’s all worth it!

Would you like some pics of me with flowers in my hair X? Let me know, I’ll see what I can do ..

And that’s that!


Sakura. Hehe

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