That was quite a load I pumped out last night!

Or, early this morning. Im washing my blankets right now!

Hot, creamy and sticky it was, cleaning it up took forever. Hehe.

And it happened, well, involuntarily – another one of those wet dreams that to be honest, with all the cock gazing and dominating women thoughts I’ve been having – this was bound to happen!

And in any case, wet dreams are – and should be common for any real sissy!

Sissies dont last in bed, dont have real sex, only tweak their nipples to get off, and of course, have sissygasms galore – while thinking of big black – or real – DONGS!

Especially the luscious HEADS.

Or, long, sexy cocks of any nature…

Cocks, and balls actually – for me, I’ve been dreaming of licking his balls, perennial area, and that lovely sticky smelly ASSHOLE of his!

Sticking my tongue deep in, the MUSK between his ass cheeks…

Anyway, I had LOTS of dreams last night.

And one of them involved me getting into an argument with some woman (remember though, dreams are all symbolic) – and then as we were fighting and arguing?

I decided to lick her soles, and press her legs while doing it – and suck her toes. I still remember the taste!

And the look of surprise on Madam’s face….

And then I woke up, pumping out loads of hot cum onto the bed!

So erotic, I still remember it.

Then, of course, time to clean up that messy CUM!

(I’ve posted pictures of my loads before on Twitter, all very popular!)

And cum should be a familiar thing anyway for most of you cucks, sissies and faggots reading this, eyes agape, minds thinking of feet and cock …

And cock!


Cum in mouth, and real man cocks in mouth is the most basic thing for any sissy to “master” – or “mistress”.

No better love than sharing that cock with “your” woman, boy!

And there is NO better course out there which teaches you how to worship cock better than my course on it – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots.

It’s literally a life changing book, as are all of my books – but especially this one.

You’ll want to check it out NOW.


Mike Watson

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