On being INSANE with lust, and a truly commanding Perfect Madam Wendy!

Oh boy!

Times 10!

I’ve been going insane with lust – – unfulfilled lust– – ever since that last post of mine.

As my SO sits there, ignoring me, I did a chore or two around the house, but mostly all done.

And she just waved me away when I approached her with tea.

“Not now, boy”, she said idly, waving her hand dismissively.


And as I browse through my WeChat, I saw some photos from Madam Wendy, Perfect Madam Wendy, the gorgeous, lovely lady, older lady that I Wrote about before.

You remember her, don’t you?

Well, if not – – just do a search and you’ll find her.

But she’s one of the most gorgeously dominant ladies I’ve ever met whose dominance SCREAMS out at me, much like Princess Joanies’ did.

Much like Sophia’s did!

Much like Goddess Aa Ling’s did!

And all of these ladies!

And the point of me saying this?

Well, I posted publicly on her Wechat page in response to her pictures that she was a Goddess.

Her post was about “age is not the main thing (that was said indirectly)”.

And I said it directly.

In addition to replying to her posed question about scenery . . .

“Madam, the sexiest scenery in the pictures is YOU! And you know very well your age doesn’t matter! It’s all about your MIND, Madam! Your so perfect!”

And the response!

“Hee, hee! We get a few laughs along the way!”

All very public of course . . .

And as she laughed at me, I jusd had to talk to her privately.

“Madam, please feel free to laugh at me more!”

Her response?

“Fill out the form, boy!”

Without any niceties, and WITH the boy! And this is the FIRST time we’ve SPOKEN!

And anyway, she runs a travel club of sorts.

And she is looking for new members.

“May I ask why, Madam?” I asked.

“Because you can travel with me!” came the response.

There wasn’t a question there – she said it as a matter of fact!

“A truly commanding lady”, I said, with the obligatory giggles.

And then, “Nto because of that Madam. Because Madam Wendy commanded me to, and said so!”

And that’s what it all boils down.

Because she said so . . . BOY!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read about tons of other ladies just like Perfect Madam Wendy – Mike Watson’s tales of Chinese Femdom

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