Ma Ji, Paye Lagu!

This was one of the MOST erotic things I’ve ever seen – till this date – and I was thinking about this last night. I wasn’t even feeling “up to fetish” (one of the rare occasions, hehe) – but thinking of THIS – instant hard on!

That older lady was so NICE, so DOMINATING! MY!

A long, long time ago I saw an old Bollywood flick, nothing out of the ordinary, and indeed you might not even NOTICE it if not for the femdom scenes!

The story in itself is very sad from a vanilla standpoint (and probably true in some parts of the country as well, and that’s sad).

A young girl (a minor) gets used and abused by her step mom and step sisters after her Dad dies and leaves HER in control of the wealth, except they manipulate her into letting THEM use it, and make her little more than a maid in the house . . .

This is a common and recurring theme in a lot of Bollywood flicks, or so it was in the past.

Lets get to the FEMDOM part of this though! ?

Many Indian ladies are awesome at femdom done RIGHT (straight from the HEART!) and Bollywood movies are no exception to this rule.

We see a young girl (around 25 or so) slaving away, cleaning the floor with her bare hands, and two bratty sisters walk in (the ones described above).

They leave shoe marks all over the floor she so assiduously wiped.

She looks at them indigantly, for just a minute, or perhaps second. She’s not permitted to look them in the eye even for the most part, let alone feel angry.

Like a true SLAVE, and they put her in her place. (much like the Pakistani Goddess I wrote about once put her maid in place).

“Dekh kya rahi hai? Saf kar!” they bark at her like a dog before flouncing off to the other room to relax where she brings them oranje juice, cleans their shoes with her clothes, and more.

(What are you looking at! Clean it, girl! For those not into the Indian vernacular, that’s what it means).

I watched the move with subtitiles, but Ms. Priyanka taught me enough Hindi so I didn’t need to, but I still did, hehe.

And we cut to a scene of her massaging the Mistress of the house’s feet.


I mean OLD.

And the epitome of what I mean about “it’s never about her age, or looks! It’s about the dominance!”

And as the slave girl (pretty much!) presses her feet she gets castigated verbally by the step mom for something.

The sisters lay on the bed comfortably taunting her.

And as she presses “Ma Ji” (a very polite way indeed to refer to her Mistress)’s feet and soles, the other lady erupts.

What are you looking at, bitch! I’ll punch your eyes out!

And she lifts her foot up, as if to kick her away, and the girl flinches!

“Off with you to the kitchen! Do the dishes!”

And off she goes, to be greeted with a PILE of dirty dishes, some deliberately made dirty for her.

If there ever was a “real life-cum-femdom” Bollywood movie, this is it!

The name was “Anmol”, for those of you that want to see if you can find it (you probably can on you tube etc).

As for me, well, this is just further proof of what I keep saying.

Never about her age, never her looks. Always about the mind.

Paye lagu, Ma ji! I wish I was on the receiving end as opposed to the other girl! ?


Mike Watson

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