Madams delectable boogers!

Another one of those non talked about fetishes – like scat – hehe.

Not quite as unhealthy if ingested as the above, if not, well – I’ll leave it to your SSC discretion!

I’ve often seen Dominas pick their nose and slaves pay to eat it. So it should be, hehe. One of my own sluts did that too. Eww … Hehe.

Some of them dry.

Some wet.

Both as they come off the nose, on her forefinger. My!!

The loogies, well – a combo!

Walking outside, I saw the lovely young dhoban climbing on to her workbench on all fours – my! And, surreptitiously pick her nose, wipe it on that very workbench.

Looking out of the side of her beautiful knowing eyes at a bunch of leering men…

I was there too. But they both, her and her mother are comfortable with me being there around.

Truly, like my ex told me about the girls in sin city diaries – they look FORWARD to you coming through there. So it should be my friend. Fetish should never be an excuse to turn into a creep. Basic human decency over all. Stop the X ray stares done WRONG men. Women love being checked out but ONLY if done right!

I’d wear the clothes she irons. Hehe. My sure about the rest of the people though that pay her to iron their clothes there!

I’d love for her to wipe them in my face, hair, make me eat it off her soles. She’s so lovely!

I’d love for her to spit in my food too! The best condiment ever muah.

And that’s the sexy update for now.

Paye lagu, Madam…ji!

You’re so nice x.



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