Perfect Pooja Malkin . . . JI!


Yes, BOY!

I wrote about shaking and “leaking” all day long in the last post, did I not?

And a few hours after writing this, as I was sitting doing something (you don’t want to know! ?) I flicked my nipples. IDLY. Just once.

And a blob of cum that had NOT been released by Madam Ji during my most recent milking “blobbed” out. Stuck to my pubic hair, and as I cleaned it off, one vision came to mind.

That of the roudoubtable, imitable, and so GORGEOUSLY perfect FIFITY PLUS year old Poooja Madam JI!

I don’t care about the typos above. I really don’t. The amount I’m shaking when writing this speaks for itself!!

And that sari hiked up to mid calf, the brown expanse of skin and that LOVELY petite sole visible!

Her feet could be Chinese, so nice and petite are they, and it’s apity she isn’t treated as a QUEEN in real life.

But she might well be, and right down to the gravely, rude, DOMINANT voice (even when she’s talking to her customers, that voice is there for those that have a discerning mind for femdom and a real taste for it) . . . she is just so fucking perfect!

So gorgeous!

And Princess Sophia, her of the bank account, and MORE is but a younger and more miniature version of her.

The only Chinese lady I can think of to parallel Madam Pooja is Madam Jojo, who is around 45 or so . . . So Madam Pooja probably still comes out tops, as she’s 50 plus!

If there ever was proof that age is NOT a factor in true BDSM or femdom, this is IT!

And as I think about her, I want to kiss her ass after she goes to the bathroom.

Kiss each cheek REVERENTLY with the WORSHIP it deserves, both after and before she goes!

And wipe her ass in Indian Goddess style, much like Ms. Priyanka had me do allt hose years ago, and let me tell you if you think it involved toilet paper you’d be right, but if you think it’s akin to what people do daily in that regard, you’re wrong – – very wrong!

The style in which she did it, or made me do?

Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out but it’s one of the MOST DEVIOUS ways ever invented to humiliate a slave (as she deserves! And so does “he”, hehe).

I want to kiss Pooja’s feet. I want to lick her soles. I want to do what I did with Perfect Madam Summer, that being to take her dusty slippers and proclaim her SHEER DOMINANCE over me, and more!

Have her lover’s straight lovely black cock pointing up PROUDLY at me as it slides into my willing, full lips, both from the “top” and BEHIND!

And the eventual orgasm on my face, and in me . . . and sucking him so he can bang her, pleasure her, do it over and over again as I lick his balls, his ass, and just be more and more debased, and watch!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Probably the second or third article I’ve written with this heading, but hey, who cares!

All about the vibe, and in terms of ice, I probably need some myself. Or a good workout, which I’m off for NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – Let’s see if the workout makes my deisres subside. If anything, I suspect the reverse! Oh, and yes, HERE is where you can grab the Indian Goddess series – – a must grab!

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