Madam Ivy Bao’s perfect feet, and her lovely, sexy, demanor . . .

It’s not often that I have regrets in life.

In fact, rarely if ever. I can count on the fingers of one hand (and that is me being KIND) the number of regrets I have . . .

And at the time of thinking?

Perhaps just one true regret.

That Madam Ivy and myself aren’t talking any more.

That Madam Ivy and me apparently blocked each other on wechat . . .

Anyway, I met Ivy one day while doing a job I hated, yet loved.

Yes, you guessed which job. Teaching! Teaching English, and for reasons I’ve waxed eloquent over, I hated the damned job, but loved the part where I could meet bazillions of usually very dominant Chinese ladies at those jobs.

Students. Fellow teachers. Or perhaps just parents (I still remember the high heels one parent wore to class as she waited for her 3 year old to get done. If there ever was femdom, that was it! Oh boy! And she didn’t even show any skin; it was just her, a pair of trousers and HIGH HEELS, and the LOOK in HER EYE!).

And the attitude.

I still remember the first day I added Madam Ivy’s wechat.

“May I have your wechat”, I asked.

“Of course!” she grinnend back. “But . . . “

And her she looked directly into my eyes. An honest, direct stare.

NO hint of femdom.

NO hint of slyness.

And yet, vibes don’t lie, and as my loins stirred, she told me something else which told me why they stirred in the first place.

“I’m married!”

“Oh, that’s OK, Madam!” I remarked (at that point I called her “Madam” laughingly).

And we became “besties” . . . .literally.

She knew about my femdom tendencies, but beyond a point we never chatted about it, because, as she said, “you can’t really do it for me!” (we were chatting about doing laundry once).

And I couldn’t.

Because unlike the other girls I was chatting to at the time, and the others I DO CHAT WITH, she wasn’t the type to cheat on her husband.

But maybe she WAS, and maybe she didn’t do it with ME! ?

She was smart. Smarter than the average gal. And while she liked me, she knew MONEY is most important, and she knew how broke MOST foreigners are (I don’t mean that’s what she thought of me, but . . . impressions are impressions, you know! And by and large, foreigners teaching English in China are usually for reasons mentioned in my writings and elsewhere on the Internet losers with a big capital L).

But her feet.

Lovely, long toes. Usually painted red. The fingernails were usually painted silver . . . And usually alterating colors.

She was a darker skinned Chinese gal than I was used to.

And she liked darker skinned guys! ?

And I don’t know why, but we stopped talking after a couple of years of intensive chats.

I don’t know if it was her that ignored me, or me that asked her to “help me” (nothing femdom related) one too many times.

Probably the latter.

But as I still have her on Alipay, I often look at her, and her ass as well (which she always told me was FAT, and I vociferously disagreed).

She was a Goddess, and probably still is, and my only regret was I couldn’t worship her like she deserved.

On that note, all in good time . . . ?

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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