Are rolls of fat SEXY?

Todays email, despite what you might think isn’t about those with a “fat fetish”.

It isn’t about those interested in body shaming, even when that NEEDS to be done (and yes, for certain people that just don’t listen to FACTS it just DOES need to be done occasionally, albeit NOT as you’d think).

For instance, people that are fat, but insist upon clinging to “No, I’m a big guy!” song and dance.

Anyway, this ain’t about fitness or fat.

It’s about … ah, but I’ll say this.

I don’t know why, but MOST of the lovely ladies I’ve been fortunate to be with have been anything but the epitome of fitness, to say the least.

I don’t know why, but the bronzed bodies (especially when it comes to females) and the unnatural looking six packs we all see do NOT turn me on, my friend.

They are NOT a turn on, and neither are “perfect muscles” … either for a man .. or, and more specifically for a woman.

In a few emails before I’ve stated my CUCK preference for slim men … not necessarily super fit or muscular or anything.

Slim guys do tend to have the biggest dicks, you know, and … what greater pleasure is there for a true CUCK? ?

And in terms of fat, again … to me, there is NOTHING sexier than her being “fat” or supposedly unattractive, and this ties into the “Madam, please BE lazy” thing … laying about like a Queen, NOT moving about as much as she should, and yet being worshipped like the superior BEING she truly is!

And demanding that the MAN stay in shape, of course!

I’d often tell Madam Ann this ..

“Madam, you can date other people if you like, but I should stay faithful to you”.

She’d giggle back. Words weren’t and still AREN’T necessary.

“And it’s ok if youre a little fat! You know it!”

And this is what I tell all the lovely Chinese girls that I meet that have more fat on their bodies than they should, and please don’t get me wrong either.

If it’s fitness, and if the girls want to get fit, by all means DO SO.

I am NOT advocating being a tub of lard for anyone, male or female …

But in terms of femdom, and especially Indian femdom (a lot of Indian women get a bad rap for being FAT – even if they are, it doesn’t reduce the femdom vibe one bit, not to me, if anything, it enhances it!) … it’s never about the body. It’s about the mind.

And if she’s fat, guess what.

She DESERVES to be!

No exercise for her if she doenst want it, boy, but you better get in top shape and stay there, or else!

And as for the rolls of fat, I still remember lovingly kneading Madam Pearls as she slept.

“Turn off the lights, servant boy! I’m going to sleep now!”

And as those words ring out in my mind, I’m off for now. Back again soon!


Mike Watson

P.S – A friend of mine often made fun of the “rolls of fat” that Indian ladies display when wearing the sari. Little did he know ..! Hehe.

P.S #2 – Read ALL about Madam Pearl here …

P.P.S – The highly acclaimed (and why not – ‘tis all TRUE) Submissive Musings in Mainland China series is now available in compilation format – right here – –

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