She wipes her feet on him so naturally! X

Again, NATURAL vibes are what do it. Too many unfair expectations on women as I’ve said before, especially weight wise. Natural works best, as I say, those lovely rolls of fat around Madams waist that DESERVE, DEMAND to he worshipped like HER!

But that isn’t really what this is about.

I’ve written before about mainland China being the very best place to find women into femdom naturally, almost by birth – ditto for skilled nipple play!

And that holds true for the far East in general too. Especially HK! X women are SO bratty and ENTITLED in HK as they SHOULD be. I remember a colleague of mine preferring girls from mainland China because they were more pliant, would do things the girls frm HK wouldn’t.

HA! Little did he know

And he was on the WRONG track quite obviously.

Anywa,watching this video, an Asian,perhaps Korean girl walking down the road – cuckold waiting for her wity new shoes! Madam takes off her heels, wipes the front of her foot so naturally in public right there like Sophia on me – hehe – or Joanie – on his jeans. Then Slips on the shoes!

Almost to say, boy,I own you!

He needs to be putting her shoes on for her.

More than anything, the NIGH natural manner in which she did this is what it’s all about, signifies true ownership and Madam knows it, FEELS it and it SHOWS! MY!!

The front of the foot? I thought the heels get dirtier in heels x, like I saw for a lovely Indian actress the other day in white heels, clacking up against her lovely SOLES – but…maybe not. Hehe.

That natural spirit is what it’s ALL about.

Every one of my books, both Indian and Chinese – have it!

And females over men is truly what it’s all about, again. NATURAL order,naturally so!



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