“Ma’am, it’s SO liberating to know my true place in front of a woman!”

That was what I said. Hehe. But she said this first –

(a lovely older lady with BIG FEET!)

(SO NICE, so LONG, there’s something about them!)

So pathetic and in love with my big feet. The perfect foot boy.

That was what Madam said – significantly so much sexier than the previous half polite replies she gave – but Madam always knew!

Of course, that prompted me to simp even more!

Madam, I humbly beg your permission to retweet you more, was one of the things I said.

I should have said I’d kiss each toe 10 times, maybe more and then beg. She is so nice, she DESERVES IT!

Currently recovering from covid is she…

The pathetic part, well, I keep bringing it up myself – because it’s true, and because thats how it is – men pathetic in front of women, so it should be!



If you’re reading this here, I would not expect anything other than a yes – a HELL YES!


But it’s true too…

Anyway, she was giving a lovely cock a footjob, not too long, but thick, and the head was so cut, luscious BIG AND LOVELY!

And I must admit, I was staring at the dick – and I told MAdam that.

I asked her who would clean up.

And so forth.


Trust me, I’d suck that dick, but I’d go to town on it EVEN MORE if Madam asked.

So pathetic, I giggled, and then of course…

I would have used that as the title of this email, but this one – I thought it’s better, and thats what this is about.

Its SO liberating to give in to your innermost desires – I have all my life, but I do it even more now, and very openly!

That doesnt mean I’m on my knees in front of all women, quite the opposite!

But, the respect shows, women can feel it, in general, it just makes life a lot, lot  better — happier — and sexier!

And thats what it’s about, a genuine love for women … females in general.

So it should be, at least in my opinion.

And that, my friend is that.

Maybe thats why women love soulmates, SO liberating to just talk and everything else comes later, and talk about EVERYTHING without being judged!

And its why I love being her soulmate too!

And always will be.

Paye Lagu, Madam. You’re so nice, so GREAT!


Mike Watson

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