Why I love the word “Charan” ….

It’s interesting!

We just received an inquiry about if we have books on Indian femdom -…. but in hindi!

Well, I gotta say one thing.

Perfect Ms. Priyanka taught me some Hindi yes. She did smack me around when I didnt learn it well, and she almost smashed my balls once when I uttered the words in the “wrong accent”.

Which most foreigners do!

But, I was different.

I was her chattel.

Her slave.

Her bitch.

Her cuck!


Paye Lagu, Malkin …. JI!!

And unfortunately or not, NO.

The only language I use for the most part is English.

Not Mandarin Chinese, and not Hindi. You’ll see a smattering of words in either language in the books and courses, but thats it.

Very much ALL in English. Hehe.

On that note tho … BOY!

Its never about her age, looks or anything else!

And it;s about your MONEY … and your submissive VIBE … always … BOY!

Bitch! Hehe.

Abd the point of me saying this is – language sometimes doesn’t matter.

Pearl could speak NO English, and yet she dominated me so expertly that you’d think we spoke the same tongue!

(Mine of course mostly in her ass, while hers was probably servicing REAL man cock and balls! Especially the balls. She loved to tease by licking the balls!)

Same for Madam Su.

Same for perfect Madam SUSAN!

Same for MOST of the girls I’ve been dominated with.

Ms. Priyanka knew English. So did Garima. But it was hardly their native tongue either!

And so … I believe you’ll get the femdom vibe regardless of what language you “prefer it in”, and to me, that is what counts!

On that note, the word charan.

It has HOLY connootations in India. Quite literally!

Ms. Priyanka taught me this, of course.

“Thats how you refer to Gods feet, boy!” she said sharply once when I made the mistake of using the word “Per” for feet.

And it does.

A girl could say her feet hurt.

“Per Dard Kar rahe hai!”

Or, she could say “Charan”!

And she would NEVER say the latter to just about anyone as they would lok at her as if she was nuts.

But to slaves and true femdom lovers, it isn’t just feet.

Charan Lagu, Memsahib Ji!

Her dirty soles are GOD – and Goddess – all in one – for slaves!

So is her asshole. Her spit. Her waste. Everything!

She is a superior being – and thats how it should be, and thats why I prefer that word!

Heck, one of my SO’s even used that word as a password of hers, and she loved it!

Inside joke between her and me …

Anyway, thats it for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Indian femdom books are available right HERE. Chinese femdom right HERE!

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