The RAGING Lust that IGNITES in me when I see Sophia or Christina Maams PICTURES!

And it doesnt even have to be feet!!

Just a face shot, just the DOMINANT NATURE OF THE PERSON – shining through – those EYES, those LIPS, RED OR NOT – but again, most of all, the VIBE!

The eyes are truly a window unto a person’s soul!

And this axiom holds true for femdom too.

Perhaps it holds DOUBLY – triply – true for FEMDOM!

Anyway, it happened last night!

Lots of pent up lust for a while now, no sissygasms even for me!

So as I did my customary nipple flick, femdom visualization and so forth- to attract on auto pilot to me again – it happened!

That lust WELLED up  in me, and I remember thinking.

“So let me try this!”

“Michael, clean the floor!” 

“Michael, take the trash out!” 

“Michael, MAKE ME A SANDWICH” – that one is SO SEXY!

And most of all, the best, sexiest? 

“You can NEVER touch me or have sex with me, boy!” 

“You understand???” 

And then, “so tired, come massage me!” 

Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!

Those words, of course, were spoken by Princess Sophia.

On a tired night … with wine, which loosened the already loose tongue.

I remember her asking me one day if I could clean her shoes with my shirt in public.

“It would be nice if you can do that in public!”

Indeed, Ma’am!


But anyway …

THOSE words came to mind, and it was all over!

For once, I tugged my dick a bit, and the orgasm, or semi orgasm, so satisfying, so much CUM!

Took me two paper towels to clean up …

But more than this, the lust remained unabated – as it was a semi – ruined orgasm too!

I NEVER let myself cum fully – if I ever do!

Much like I never let myself get fully drunk – if I ever do!

But anyway, the VISUAL in mind was Sophia!

And Christina Ma’am!

Both without makeup, well, Sophia with a LITTLE.

But the lips pursed in a SNEER, those eyes BORING through me, that FINANCIAL domination vibe “I’m here to USE you and abuse you, boy!”

Most of all, those CUNNING, sexy, twinkling, SPARKLING, DOMINANT – and again, cunning and BORING – eyes (boring through me, not boring as in bored!) … oh MY!

It makes me cum every time I even look at the pictures.

Yes, I’ll never be nothing but Sophia’s soulmate.

No, I would’t want it any other way.

Ditto for Christina Ma’am!

If there ever were two ladies that gave me such a RAGING BONER always UNSATISFIED – it is them.

Thank you so much, Ma’am! You’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

P S- Remember, it all started with Priyanka – or Jyoti. All of it!

Read about it in the Indian Goddess series, by far one of our “best” bestsellers, truly selling like HOTCAKES!

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