Slapping the BACK of the head!

I just saw an Indian Queen, at home – feet on husband – the BACK of the head in that lovely soles crossed profound pose I write so much about. My! And it was instinctively done, NOT pre planned.

On his back was.

But as you see her giggling as she pressed his head down like the true DOG he is … With her soles, then pressing them on the back of his head before RESTING them there and inspecting her nails,.my, you get the PHOTO!

Madam is SO nice! Xxx

She’s what i call a true humiliatrix – au naturalle. Give an Indian woman a chance, my, how she turns them tables, so expertly!

It’s not for nothing the Indian subcontinent is known as a land of male cucks. Hehe. Might not sound nice, but it’s true. And apt. Despite popular perception of the women being subjugated – the reality is far more complex. Hehe. As in China!

Anyway… The same person who once told me that (cucks) was talking about disrespect , how slaps to the BACK of the head are the most humiliating!

And i don’t mean penis head either.

Hes right. Growing up, I experienced so much of that from my own father, the rage when I think about it still there, albeit cool and controlled now – from teachers, school bullies etc…

In the White Tiger, the servant gets to squat Down in that profoundly obesquious position – massage Masters legs for hours, while he drank – only to recieve a smack to the back of his head for his efforts.

Pani thanda ho gaya!

Waters warm, boy!

Sort of what I do with my own foot slaves. Hehe.

India can be brutal though in real life, yet, it’s what people want, think about … (No,not condoning the social evils but … )

Anyway, where am I going with this?


Princess Joanie was one of the most brutal humiliatrixes and findominas I’ve EVER experienced. And thats saying a hell of a lot, my friend – a hell of a lot!

To her, wallet rape and slaps to the back of the head were just the beginning. Like with Madam Ann and her canes to my balls, swollen and busted for not cleaning well – but even Ann wasn’t such a natural humiliatrix!

And she’s the star, the hidden heroine in Humilation Central – a book well known for being the reason it was too hot for even the notoriously lax KDP guys. Hehe. Truly hit home!

They did me wrong there admittedly.

That’s ok.

All part of the grand plan…

That isn’t the reason so much that I’m mentioning it but to drive home two facts.

One, which I’ve said so many times. It – all of it – works best when it’s natural and un forced like with Ma’am above, or even me. Hehe. Brutal honesty, no fluff, reality mixed in with a dose of versatile, creative license, but just a dab! Pinch… Hehe.

And two, if it’s that hot that it got us banned from Amazon and another seller, well, must be truly something special. Hehe.

Like Joanie was, is.

You’ll have to find out for yourself!  Get the book and you will.

Or perhaps contact me for custom domination. You’ll find out even better, hehe.

Madams soles on the BACK of his head.

So apt, so natural.

As it should be, a man’s true place.

Mard aurat ke pero ko jooti hoyi hai should be the saying as opposed to aurat mard ke pero ki jooti hoti hai. Truly, men are nothing but the DUST under a woman’s shoe to be used, abused, repetitively and the woman thanked for it!

Femdom done so nicely. Naturally.

Paye lagu, Madam . Ji!

Thank you SO much.

Your so so nice!



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