China bans sissies…

Well, at the outset, this was supposed to be about China, and them NOT encouraging what has been going on for years in China, and has become almost endemic to CHinese “culture” in general i.e. SISSY MEN!


I should know a thing or two about that!

“Madam, can I go to a gay bar with you!”

“Madam, can you laugh at me while I flirt with other men, and look sexy for you?”

(and make her sexy too, of course!)

Now, this is what I asked Madam Christina this morning, we’ll see what she says, but as Wendy was so upfront about taking me to a gay bar herself – I’m sure this lovely Madam will too!

Anyway …

Pooja Memsahib … JI! is one of our MOST popular books.

And the way she dominates, the way she literally not just puts, but CRUSHES MEN underfoot – reducing them to LESS THAN CHATTEL – is something so praiseworthy!

And she “recently” (take that for what it is) looked at me up and down, stared THROUGH me, it was like she was stripping me naked!

Much like men do women, hehe.

What a super SUPREME GODDESS and female dominant FORCE OF NATURE!

Like no other!

Anyway China …

In the recent “back to basics” trend we’re seeing everywhere, more right wing stuff everywhere, it was but natural that the “aberrations” – or what is seen as aberration i.e. sissy men, “women acting dominant and like men” – and other such – again, so called aberrations – would get the chop.

Eventually, sooner rather than later …

And sissydom is huge in China, of course.

Even male actors who have struggled for literally YEARS in manly roles have become overnight stars once they put on the lipstick!

Think calling myself her “wife” – or woman- is a stretch?

In China, they do that all the time to their pop stars and idols – ditto for Korea, Japan etc.

Sure, she might marry – or be forced to marry a “seemingly masculine man” – but what does she really WANT?

As Madam Sophia said so rightly … 

(about her Korean pop star,sucking his cock) 

“Any woman would want that!” 

Of course, Madam … JI!

To a certain extent I can understand what the Chinese are trying to do, they’re trying to encourage a return to normalcy.

End of the day, even sissy men is all a fantasy for the most part … i.e. a fantasy being LIVED out in reality for those lucky enough (ahem! Hehe).

And Nature’s laws of men being providers, and women being caretakers doesnt change even then, as I explain in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies in mainland China“!

It’s a book on femdom, people say. Just how the hell can you put there as a rule?

Well, I did.

Because it’s true.

Those sissy MEN provide for MAdam – fame, money, everything!

End of the day – THAT is what it’s about, boy!

Not some bozo stuck in an endless job loop, not some idiot who will never rise above his paygrade, certainly not so called macho foreigners in China thinking they’re God’s gift to women “because they can yammer out a few words of English”.

As Kathy, a lady privately once confided in me about an idiot we once hired.

“What a fucking LOSER!” 

That he was. Hehe.

Real loser.

As for yours truly, this site, business?

It hasn’t been banned in China as yet, hehe.

Perhaps my WeChat never will, given the picture is the “other me” – the overwhelmingly MALE MACHO MAN always ready to carry stuff for Madam, fight for her, do her bidding – and be her “niang pao”. 

Her sissy, hehe.

And THAT, my friend, the mix is what does it.

The hairy chest plus the “sexy effeminate face” … THAT is what does it, not one of either fully!

It’s the mix.

(My Dad growing up once said that about a certain movie star. Given yours truly keeps getting called “handsome as a movie star” and all this, I thought it would be appropriate to bring up).

And that mix, that shades of grey is what life, sissydom, and all of it is about!

Have FUN!


Mike Watson

PS – Christina just asked me, giggling.

“Why you know this word, boy!”

Well, Madam, Given all our conversations, and “doings”, it’s appropriate, isn’t it?


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