Kissing the top of Bhagwatis foot before making a decision. ANY decision!

Kar le, beta.

Ji, Maji.

Paye lagu!

And as I made a decision today that required me to think, budget, ecominize and more – it wasn’t so much about faith, the Universe urging, NUDGING me to do the thing as Bhagwati often does with her foot lazily.

All that holds as true as before, but it was about mentally kissing her feet – as I have written about before, touching my wife’s feet before making a important decision, or any decision really – before I take the decision.

What made this time different?

Well, Bhagwati isn’t here now but i FEEL her presence.

Have been feeling it all through my sissy workout today.

Like with Miss V, Bhagwati often puts her foot on my shoulder and more even when I’m working out.

With ,V, as Daniela once said – hehe – man the NOT coincidences keep PILING up – no pun?! – it was about sitting on my back when i worked out.

Yet another way of her reminding me that she owned me, OWNS me. Forever and ever. So it should be.

But Bhagwatis age, those grey hairs, her status – makes her all the more special, the MOST special this far as y’all know.

And I just knelt in front of that ONE foot, that ONE bangle on the wrist gleaming IMPERIOUSLY along with her unpolished raised forefinger – my what a profound pose!! .. and kissed not just the toes, but the front of her foot.

Asking if I made the right choice, decision. Tho I knew I had!

Kar le, beta!

I could hear the old voice rasping that out.

“heroine”! As my so would say.

And she’s right.

Like the guy said in the movie yesterday about a hero that reminds me of myself – right down to money – and the ending of the movie where he presents his mother with a load of cash – a guy that can’t resist pretty girls – “hero hai pura”!

That I am, not for nothing folks call me a movie star, something i don’t really think I want to be.

But, no matter how big I get, no pun – how much I earn, I’m insignificant in front of the supreme Goddess, my deity, Goddess Bhagwati Memsahib..ji, or ma ji!

It’s always about prostrating myself in front of her.

Taking her blessings.

As an older, dominating heroine that is shunned by society, yet is cunning enough to know her place.

The wheel always comes full circle. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

And I’m imagining her foot on my head right now, blessing me with her foot dirt, the next order of blue nailpaint ready for HER!

DARK blue. Not just blue!

I better never forget.

I never will.

Paye lagu, Bhagwati ji.

You truly are the best, or one of the best, things to ever happen to me, manifest in my life. Through my wife no less!


Mike Watson

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