Even if you’re in a vanilla relationship ….

And many of you are!

I would say MOST of you are, even those that are in BDSM relationships generally don’t do it 24/7, or even close.

Sometimes, and often times, REAL life does take over!

Anyway, a recurring theme in one of my email is this – how to INTEGRATE fetish into your daily life.

And how to do it “almost silently” so she (or he) doesn’t even know it’s been done!

And thats the best way, my friend.

You can’t ever “force” someone to do something. Believe me, people have tried to force me to do things I didn’t want to my entire life, so I know!

It never worked out for them.

Same thing with relationships – but you CAN do one thing, and do it well.

“Sell yourself, and your preference” to her – or him – and have the other person do what you want, and ENJOY IT!

Kinda like the dick sliding in with a lot of lube as opposed to without!

Ah, dicks.

The orgasms!

And the ruined ones, hehe.

And on that note, let us take a look at what a reader recently had to say about the book on ruined orgasms.

(She was the MAGNIFICENT and uber-lovely and professional Madam Daniela, and SHE IS – – SO – – damn – – PERFECT!)

I forgot to send you the review of the book “ruined orgasm” so here you have (i will post in on Amazon when I get my account back lol) 

I read this book from a “vanilla” point of view and I most admit I read it without knowing what a ruined orgasm was. I only have to say wow! Very interesting book with specific techniques to use on guys. I am sure even if you are in a vanilla relationship using some of these tricks will drive you man crazy and will thank you for that! 



Now, she has been meaning to do this for a while, hence the “forgot”.

I didn’t “ask her too many times”, hehe. Ladies have things going on in their lives, boy!


And take a look at what she said.

She read it from a vanilla standpoint. After all, ladies are PRACTICAL!

And she read it WITHOUT knowing what a ruined orgasm is, and now she knows (to an extent).

And her comments?

Well, straight from the horse’s mouth – – and I think THAT, my friend is all the incentive YOU need to jump on this now.

Do so NOW. Remember, I’m going to be upping the price on this shortly – so again – hurry – RUN on over HERE To grab this GEM of a course NOW!


Mike Watson

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