Behind my behind, bitchboy!

BITCH . . . BOY!

And as I see a Young Goddess – one who was pretty much born a Goddess, and see only the TOP of her ass crack, and really – – aren’t they ALL born Queens and Goddesses, this young goddess said it!


It sounded so familiar that I just stopped my handstand pushup workout.

I stopped everything.

And I rushed to write this to you.

I can only wonder what this young goddes will do in a FEW YEARS – and once I give her the money to do it – and guess what – that is why I MAKE IT BECAUSE SHE DESERVES IT!

Princess Joanie, my friend, is a PRIME example of a Young Goddess like this, and so is Madam Pearl.

And Pooja Memsahib, Madam Susan, and of course the lovely Sherry – not the looks, but the vibe! – which is what COUNTS – are examples of the other end.

I earn money.


LOTS AND LOTS OF IT, my friend.

I am the BEST when it comes to femdom and even fitness (which Miss V owns that biz, as you know!)

But despite the very luxurious lifestyle I live surrounded by a bevy of beautiful dominant women that keep me underfoot, underass, and undersole, the money goes to THEM! 

(I GIVE it to them after I GET IT, I should say!)

(I BEG To give it to them, and I get MORE For it!)

And her ass.

BAck to it.


I’m usually there anyway!

Either worshipping the asshole.

Kissing her ass cheeks after sh etakes a dump, and before!

Having her SHIT splatter and SPLOOGE all over me. Those lovely soft BUTT CHEEKS!

The PUCKER!!!!!

And of course, I’m always on my knees…

It’s surprising I haven’t put out a course on ass worship as yet.

And oral worship – I ain’t allowed to do that. Neither should I be. My tongue isn’t worthy!

But fear NOT.

My courses on cock worship have enough ass worship for the studs and Goddesses reading this, and for the sissies, well, ultimate pleasure awaits HERE.

Grab it NOW!

Best, MW

PS – I’m back to making MONEY!

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