Madam was trying to recognise the the faces of her “dogs”!

Madam, paye lagu! You’re so nice! I wis those feet were better taken care of…

Come to think of it, they are.

They’ve got the classic in between pedicures look, nails clean, ready for a fresh start, more gleam, new colors. Big Indian feet, so nice, broad, splat!

Red I suspect for hr. Gleaming bright red

Anywa, as I saw the lovely Punjabi lady with the bulging ass walking back home – so nice,her caprise, the clogs, all of it!

I knew these feet needed care. Sure enough, when I got close enough i saw the lack of nailpaint….polish. Hehe

I’m picking up the Indian lingo so well, that cute ACCENT too!

“You know,abhi to mein dogs ki face recognise kar Rahi hu”…

She’s smart too. Knows cats aren’t worth it!

Anyway, i wonder if Madam would recognise her slaves faces?

Amongst all the millions of feet and soles I’ve seen, served, worshipped,been and continue to be privileged to worship- I know id recognise hers though I haven’t even seen her soles

Trust me, madam Susan and I were always on the same page about talking to her feet, soles, ass, recognising her by her soles…

It was always innate in me.

And its so nice!

Ma’am, paye lagu.

You’re too nice.

And you deserve a slave for each foot at the very least!

They all do



Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some Indian femdom books now to acknowledge the innate superiority of ALL Indian women.

As it is,should be , always was, always will be!

And I’m glad to play a part in that too. So lucky to have the opportunity x.

PPS – Hope the lovely Mayanti Langar Ma’am is even more natural today! X

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