Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Ma’am, looking gorgous, or ordinary Rob with a LOVELY DONG!

I saw it on Twitter!

And, there it was – an older white male standing there naked, nothing spectacular, but he looks kinda like a weightlifter my fitness friend once introduced me to – a great guy and legend, and this guy looks like him, right down tot he glasses!

Like I told you, the most alpha of males sometimes……..!

Anyway, my eyes – well, the picture was of US congress lady (I believe!) Madam Alexandra OCasio – Cortez – a liberal to the core, but Madam is so NICE, so DOMINATING!  – and a guy next to her.

And her skin color makes it even better!

The picture of her was naked – and likely a photoshopped one or something.

But the pussy was very realistic looking!

And, you’d think normally, guys would look at the gorgeous dame first?

And laugh at the guy?


No way!

Remember that meme I once shared with an equally gorgeous lovely DAME, and a lovely STRAIGHT COCK POINTING UP – and the balls, oh, the balls, I even counted the HAIRS (PUBES!) on Master’s BALLS, his lovely BALLS!

I so loved!

And the meme said “if you’re looking at the cock and not my tits, then you’re gay!”

Well, I’m not into labels.

They’re worthless. I’ve said it many times in Cuck Central, and all my other books.

For a damned good reason – read, and you’ll know!

But .,, humiliation wise, they work just great!


And yes, I’ll be a faggot anyday, because I am!

(Hey, I even wrote the BEST two manuals for faggots – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Sissygasm Central, nothing like this out there!!)

Anyway, the guy was Rob, and my gaze was instantly drawn to his “down there” – package. 


Thick, uncut, and I’d love to slobber on it, and it’s curved, would hit al my holes, or anyone’s , so well!

And all I could think about, kissing his lovely manly chest, his stomach, and sucking his dick!

He wanted to be outed as well, so of course I did it.

And … here is what was posted!

This is Rob from the USA, someone who wanted to be outed on Twitter – so – I obliged.

Then, he wanted to be outed here – so, again, always happy to “slob” – and oblige – especially with such a lovely, luscious cock as he’s got!

He’s just into exposing himself, and he looks great, doesnt he? Especially that dong, he was standing next to a girl, my eyes (and lips) were auto drawn to his DONG!

In his own words –

my name is Rob, USA, single, and just want to share my body <3

id rather not say my exact location if thats ok

It’s done, Rob!

Sissy smooches – maybe we’ll meet someday, and I’ll slobber all your knob, wrap my lips around that luscious head, giv eyou the best BJ EVER – thanks for the submissions, looks great!

Lots of love, Rob, you’re the best!

And for YOU sissies wanting to be outed, remember, a very long list of people waiting!

Apply right here, the quicker you do, the sooner YOUR Pic will be up there!

On that note …

Rob asked me “how many people will see me”.

My reply –

We are the only site of it’s kind out there, so … we have PLENTY of visits. Just google femdom, indianfemdom, asian femdom, Mike Watson – you’ll see – all at the top of Google. You’ll get plenty of hits! Also, and if you ever need the pics to be removed – tell me, and will do!

And as for Madam Cortez?

What do you think of me tagging AOC in this? 😛   (he was referring to his picture he posted on Twitter)

Looks awesome. OF course, my gaze was drawn to your dick, as you know! Hehe.

or, what I said FIRST – 

Your dong is so nice, pubes so sexy! Yes, that will do it for pics, unless you want more posted …

And again, nice COCK – I LOVE it, and your balls too!

My mouth is obviously drawn to your dick- not the gorgeous MAdam A next! Hehe. Liberals are so NICE!

Can’t stop looking at dick, can I. Hehe. #sissy (but the best way, as you know!)


SOME of my comments there, like I said, dont get me started on COCK, hehe (or DO! I love it! Can’t get enough!) 

Anyway …

I’m not huge into her politics, I lean mostly right, well, center – right.

Acutally, I dont identify as either right or left, mostly SENSIBLE.

But ever since I saw Madam first years back, I KNEW she was so BITCHY AND ARROGANT AND COMMANDING AND DOMinant!

And today’s experience, well, it’s proved it.

He asked me what I thought of her?

Well, THS link says it best!

She was roundly criticized for it, obviously, since that was non fetish.

When I read about it?

I wished I was the guy not just holding it, but washing her feet publicly, thanking her for being so dominating, Ma’am, and her liberal!

So those, Rob are my thoughts on Madam!

And thats that for now.

Back soon!


PS – Remember, we’re the ONLY site of it’s kind out there, so plenty of people will see your pictures, sissy!

Apply right NOW, be outed ASAP!


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