I feel so weak when I see Madams…armpits!!


In Sin City Diaries, and China in general I’ve written about how a lot of women don’t shave – either down there or waxing, or armpits.

Not all, but a lot go by the “because it’s natural”!

And one of the girls in that book, the one that first introduced me to “hot and cold” – my!!!! – i still remember her bush, cute little hairs poking out!

I’ve written about Madams lovely arms before. Tomes! And rightfully so…

And part of it i did not write about, her pits!

Could be a bush. Could be sweaty, not, could be small hairs, or the lovely mound which comes after shaving – much like pubic hair in general and the PENIS lovely and cut, thank you for your foreskin, Master wang, and Madam Reina! Such pretty cocks, heads… like I said on Twitter there why I never cured my own phimosis so I can worship cocks like that!! …or her lovely pleasure spots – or THEIR hairy assholes, the hair around the pristine spot so cute … anything, my!

I’m SO hard right now thinking about it. An Indian lady,her lovely bare upper arms, strong muscular back, what a Goddess you are, perfect Madam Sanya!!

She deserves to be worshipped, period….


I haven’t written a manual on srmout worship as yet, but if anyone’s interested – I know for a fact a lot of you are, write back and let me know NOW.

In the meantime, cum to Ass Worship 101! 

And that’s that.

Back soon.



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