Red dress, a bit fat, purple toes, and …my, the cigarette!

And Madam with an expanding tummy smoking it, with cuck right by her side!

Classic vamp attire eh. So sexy, feet so petite, toes so nicely taken care of!

I can just imagine pressing them, her on the recliner, those soles, her smoking like a QUEEN which she is!

Last night I was dreaming about massaging female Indian tummies that expand so sexily, “brown and all” as Indians say… Under their sarees, their big arms, all so NICE!

Ma’am, thank you so much! You’re too nice!

And that’s the update.


Mike Watson

PS – Tales of true Indian femdom here. Get some NOW. Truly books you will never ever forget or be able to put down, not either or. BOTH!!!

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