Why the hell are your hands so rough, bitch!

Now, this is an interesting one, and a huge turn on for me!

A while back (years ago, actually), yours truly watched a Bollywood movie.

I undersood the language for the most part, but had the sub titles on just in case. And early on in the movie, we’re introduced to a lovely, spoilt brat whose used to have maids waiting on her hand and foot . . .

. . .female maids! “Bitches!” as women often like to call each other (remember that movie I referenced a while back – a recent movie? ?) ?

Anyway, this particular heroine was used to having her a bevy of maids and household help for everything, including the most personal of things.

Yes – that “Paye Lagu Madam Ji!” I use so often has REAL WORLD BASIS in the sub continent, where “domestic servants” are often treated and are no better than slaves of yore. NOT something good in real life to be honest and often makes me sick, but then again, we have fetish . . .

. . . in the fetish world, often times what we aren’t and don’t like in real life is exactly what turns us on, isn’t it?

From guys wearing pink panties (high powered guys in the boardroom no less!) to footslaves and such – you’d never guess!

Anyway, Madam also had a “personal maid” with her. 24/7/

And her duties included wiping her down with a soft FRESHLY laundered *boy!* towel after her bath . . .

. . . and rubbing her back with scented oil.

Yes, it isn’t as out of the ordinary as you might expect in some homes in the Indian subcontinent, even today!

And in the movie, the maid never showed up, and was instead replaced by a “manly man” (the male lead) playing the part of a doddering new servant who found the wrong room (no guys allowed to touch Madam!).

She kept shouting for her maid.

“Jaldi, Kanta!”(Hurry, bitch! – or the somewhat polite Indian equivalent of it).

(and again, there is a reason Ms. Priyanka uses the name “Kanta” for me in the Indian Goddess series! ?).

“Jaldi!!!!!” She gets impatient as the “doddering servant” waits with the oil, horrified, not sure what to do . . .

. . . and eventually “she” (he) has no choice but to apply the oil!

The following is translated!

“Ouch! How are your hands so hard now, bitch!”

And he continues, “miserably” (the scene is hilarious to be honest!!)

“Madam”, he finally says. “I’m not Kanta”

And the yell she lets out as discovering a male servant is touching her . . . is to be heard to be seen!

Anyway, it wa s apretty good movie. Noir in parts, and thriller inparts, and if there is ONE song sequence I remember, it is the female lead, this same lady, Mamta Kulkarni trying to seduce the male lead (I forget the name).

And she looks gorgeous!

Red dress. Red nailpolish. Red apple in the scene. Everything dark and red, and the sole shots when he picks her up and dumps her into a small swimming pool of sorts – oh boy!

I think I was around 14 then, but I still remember my loins quivering looking at those feet!

And she had the most beautiful back ever of course!

And that’s the whole point of this. Back massage, as Madam Pearl, and so many other ladies liked so much and lots of Indian girls have such GORGEOUS BACKS!

Waiting to be worshipped.

Broad, smooth expanse of skin and it doesn’t “help” (hurt!) that the sari reveals all (no wonder I’ve done up emails devoted to the lovely sari!)

But for a true sissy, that movie was paradise!

I would have massaged her back for hours, as I did Madam Peal, and her feet too, first with oil. And then lotion!

As I did for Madam Pearl!

And I’d do it for the lady I saw yesterday in another Bollywood flick, another “item number”, and those feet . . .

And what made THAT flick so memorable for me is the female lead wearing exactly the same sort of sari as I mentioned above.

Her back was visible all throughout the movie in exactly the manner mentioned above, and every time I saw I almost leaked! ?

And to end this whole email off, there is a REASON I named the Indian Goddess series what I did.

And a very good reason the female lead is Ms. Priyanka (instead of Mistress Jyoti who to be honest back then was equally gorgeous and perhaps even more commanding) . . .

And while I’ve done up a piece on  Jyoti before, again – that reason. Seei f you can figure it out!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can find my tales of Indian femdom –https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom

PS #2 – I still remember the song ringing in my mind. “Hmm! Love me, DO love me” . . . incredibly erotic in a manner! ?

PPS – Now, in the movie it worked for the male lead as he was supposed to serve MALES and rough hands don’t matter there. But your Mistress wants soft hands, boy! And much more! Learn how to be the PERFECT SISSY for her, and then some with the definitive course I’ve put out on this – Sissy Central.

And yes – this is truly the best course on it out there!

PPPS #1 – By the way, I’ve been noticing a rash of serial refunders as of late (well, not a rash, but a LOT) on certain other sites I sell my other products on. Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots for one seems to be a highly popular course not just for “yours truly readers”, but these serial refunding nutters as well. Please – if you fall into the latter category – stay away – not only will your BASELESS refund request be DENIED most of the time – but Spicy and Erotic Fetish, and Mike Watson in general are not for you. We only want TRUE FEMDOM lovers! This means NO “one time jerks/refund” cases – it’s a lifetime committment, and so it should be! True femdom is SERIOUS.

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