The only COVID 19 vaccine you’ll EVER need!

Well, this is for cucks. Heheh.

And studs probably won’t get it anyway!

Politics aside though, I can’t sleep tonight.

It’s around 4 aM, my cock is rock hard, its all I can do to stop myself from cumming to that sexy Chinese dude and his boxer shorts!

I asked Madam Lucy if he was sexy.

“Yes a little sexy, boy!”

I giggled.

“I thought so, Madam! Isn’t his flat stomach sexy, his sides, his boxer shorts I so want to peel off … and what lies under …”

Then she asked ME if I had a flat sexy stomach, which she knows I do, of course. Hehe.

“You have one too”, she giggled.

So I do!

We’re both sexy , flat stomachs and … as Madam Lucy said.

“Madam, what is your ideal man – qualities?”

“Handsome, slim, abdominal muscles, and obedient!”


Especially the last one, or last two. HEhe.

And I can’t sleep.

That guy’s cock under his boxers, and I’d love to suck it for Madam!

Get him hard, over and over again, an dthe only COVID 19 vaccine I’d ever need on a daily basis – is his hot cum – spurting down my throat regularly, his seed in my ass if he so chose – he’s such a God!

And I’d LOVE to suck him over and over for Madam.

Of course, she’s asleep.

She has to wake up early tomorrow, boy, and I gotta make her breakfast, but I pressed her waist for hours.

I still can’t sleep, so I’ll press her soles as they stare at me!

Talk to her soles, boy!


The words of Madam Susan ring out …

And the only other thing I’d like to talk to right now is his cockhead, like I did with Garima Madam’s lover!

And of course, I want to talk to you, my dear friend, so I am.

Cucks no doubt LOVE what I am writing and what I do.

In fact my erotica is so sexy it’s even for straight couples that cum to it regularly …

And for more?

Grab some of my Chinese femdom books here – and Cuckold Compilations here.

You’ll love it!

Especially if you …. as a guy recently said.

yes I loved to suck cocks huge ones



Mike Watson

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PS #2 – …

Perfect Mistress Lucy, I can’t sleep. You’re so perfect! Thank you SO much!

I’d love to hold on to his waist, his sides, and suck his cock all day long for you, and any others you want me to, Mistress! And I know you like other men too!

I know you’re Queen that wants many men on her!

And you deserve it!

And I’d press your feet all night, indeed, I’ll do that now.

Pressing your soles as the lonely hours pass by, a perfect servant for you, wake up in the mornig with breakfast ready in front of you, your dress ironed, your shoes polished, and me ready to wash your blue nightdress …

Goddess, you’re the best.

Thankyou – thank you – SO MUCH!

Thats an ode to perfect Mistress Lucy.

by no mean is it the first ode I’ve written to a woman . As lucy said –

How many Madam you press for before, boy!

Well, Madam Susan is one – and here are the 15 odes to HER! Grab it now – you, the femdom lover, will love it.

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