Bhagwati Devi Ji came to me in my dreams last night.

Women are queens, Goddesses, superior beings, put on this planet to be worshipped by MEN. You already, or should, at any rate – know this!

If you don’t this isn’t the right place for you.

But if there ever was one that I’ve spoken about being truly HOLY?

It’s Bhagwati Devi!

Or Radha Ma’am, another one of her avatars I keep seeing on Twitter . Or, X!

It’s always yin and yang. Bhagwati despite her so called stature as a maid is anything but. As you can tell by these odes!

Radha Ma’am isn’t a maid, but she isn’t an out and out boss either, but they both are, they know it, and last night, the former – I call her Devi since that’s holy in India as opposed to just Memsahib…

…showed up in my dreams.

And instead of the coal black lovely skin Ma’am has, it was lovely brown skin – neither light nor dark that showed up.

Much like my maternal Uncle, paternal Grandmother, – pattern ? Heh- both of them show up in my dreams to bless me, help me, offer divine support and guidance, so did Bhagwati.

She was looking at the toilet. Too dirty, she kept claiming!

Then it got cleaned, and she was happy after the “bank guys left”.

Key thing about analysing and understanding dreams isn’t to be literal about them, it’s the polar opposite.

Shit has always been positive for me in dreams. Pooja aside! Hehe.

It’s about first and foremost your feelings.

How do you feel after the dream? Happy? Excited?relieved?

For me, the entire day today, watching sports, following my heart, and I’ve been seeing Indian goddesses and their feet and legs in shorts everywhere, actually it started last night while I was out for a brief smoke.

I cannot tell you, explain the passion and lust they ALL, deservedly so, AROUSE in me.

Actually I shouldn’t need to!

But end of it all, I remember Bhagwati, statesque was the word that came to mind right after I arose – no pun – her lovely brown skinned long back, red sari, the SHIT stains on the upper part of the toilet…

And that’s that.

My friend, if you’re a true femdom lover you could do worse, much much worse than stop what you’re doing right NOW and get the above courses. Along with that, THIS one too.

Truly a message from the femdom heavens, angels, this one.

Follow your heart or not.

It’s your choice, but you’ll be so much better off if you make the right choice and i don’t need to tell ya what that is!



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