Why having “RBF” is the best thing for any woman – and Goddess!

The things people come out with, my friend!

Recently I read something about “RBF” syndrome – “Resting Bitch Face” syndrome – which I must confess I had never heard of.

Apparently it’s a condition (so called) where the woman (its mostly women that have it apparently) “looks like a bitch without thinking of being one or trying to, having a semi bored or arrogant expression on her faceall the time ….”

Then the other night I read something about a woman that was calling people out for calling her out on “wanting to throw up after eating”.

Bulimia, I believe, but she was taking it to an extreme – and said that “sometimes it just happens, it shouldn’t be judged!”

And she posted a Goddess like video of herself on the social media site I saw it on, and castigated a man for saying “you have the choice not to”.

Now, women are under a lot of pressure admittedly to look thin etc, and it’s not fair – I’ve made NO bones about that, but still ,I’d think all women should know by now that “conforming” to external standards is just stupid!

Anyway, back to RBF and the post about it.

I have a resting bitch face and I get judged for it.

“You’re so cold and distant”
“You just sit there with a long face all day”
“You’re making the environment uncomfortable for your co-workers”

As a quiet person with RBF, people just assume I’m disdain, cold, or angry, they assume I’m hard to get along with when we never even spoken.

But in fact, 95% of the time I’m relaxed or even in a good mood, and I deeply care for the people who are around me.

I’ve been struggling with RBF forever. Do I wear full makeup to work every day? Do I get botox to lift the corners of my mouth?

? ??????? ?? ???? ????? ???? ??????.

I know I’m not alone in this. I’m speaking up just so you know:

??’? ?? ?? ??? ???? ? ??????? ??? ??? ?????? ???’? ?????????? ??, ????? ???????? ???’? ???? ???*?!

Oh my!

And then she posted two pictures of herself, one with RBF apparently, one without.

Now, I’m not going get into the “whiny and moaning ” nature of the post (clearly this lady has some issues getting along in the workplace) but …

For a Queen and Goddess?

I dont know if Madam realizes it, but she’s got tons of cucks after her already!

Actually, her social media post didnt attract many people – until she posted those pictures!

And of course, gushing praise followed.

“Of course you’re right. Madam!”

“Be yourself, Madam!”

And I dont know, but for me ?

I love that bitchy look more than anything else, so if Madam was at my workplace, I too would be salivating all day long!

But of course, that wasn’t why the post was written. Hehe.

Anyway, she’s a Chinese Queen.

And they do it the best!

For real stories on HOW they do it – go here.


Mike Watson

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