Feet even when I’m not thinking of FEET, and Madams lovely SOLES – which is rare enough in itself, and …

.. well, today was one of those rare days for this guy – until now!

This is the guy who routinenly mentally touches his maid’s feet in the most obsequious and or servile manner possible before starting ANY and all new biz endeavors. When I’m tired, mentally and physically exhausted – from work or whatever, even exercise which I do a LOT OF – well, I think of massaging her feet and her RELAXING in a MOST queenly manner.

And I feel better instantly, INVIGORATED, that tiredness isn’t even there- thats how you know you’re attracting on auto pilot – ONE of the keys to it, I should say!

I’ve written about that before.

Today was a day where the wakin part of it was spent dealing with idiots and Bozos, both male and female, from a biz perspective I TRIED to do the above, but it didnt “come”, so I let it go – I’m all about livng in the flow, and this was rare for me, but as I idly browse Twitter – BANG!

The SHADOW of feet, and the tiniest sliver of her soles was visible …

THIS is what I saw.

I must admit I dont have a clue as to who those people are – am I dated? ??Yes, likely so!

But Madam on the right – MY!

And my cock twitched, every part of my lions – loins – or lionish loins, though I prefer TIGERS – hee – quivered.

Dude might as well not be there. It’s Madam on the right I was focus on. Maam PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And any true cuckold would too – wouldn’t you, cuck ? Let me know! ? thats when you know you’re really into it, when it shows up when you’re consciously NOT thinking of it!

Letting go is key to letting things manifest.

With me, femdom – it manifests whether I do or not!

I’m at a very high level in that regard, so I’d recommend the letting go method for most goals – but here’s the thing – IT PURSUES you once you go beyond a certain point.

And if you run away from it, it will pursue you EVEN MORE !

Anyway …

I was going to write about the dream this morning where my SO showed up with a big bulky dude

“Thats the sort of man I want, boy, to take CARE OF ME!”

And she meant it (and in waking life, there she is, sexily and sluttily dressed as usual – hehe).

In the dream she was fucking the man – and I was watching, and he was a FRIEND of mine in the dream!

There’s more to that dream, but he was a friend, think about it. Hehe.

And thats when you know you’re well and truly into it!

And that that.


Mike Watson

PS – Cuckold Compilations is the HOTTEST ever. So hot the audiobook got banned! ? Same thing for Humiliation Central – but worry not, the digitial downloads are ALIVE AND KICKING HER – HERE – much like Ma’am’s foot to your BALLS... BOY!

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