The fatter Madam is, the more irritated and haughtier she is . My! And…

The fatter Madam is, the more irritated and haughtier she is . My! And…


.. her feet are even more beautiful, lovely, WORSHIP WORTHY!


I’ve written about this before, how some fat Indian women have these lovely broad feet that make me want to not just cum in pants like loser but EXPLODE. There and then. YES!




And as I stand out here in the heat of India or more accurately 10 min later visualizing the scene there, man!


It’s not good to be that obese. Unhealthy.


She was the sort who I could tell wouldn’t take kindly to being told so. She would probably slap me there. Hehe. And I’d thank her for it. My!


That blue gown extending to the ankles, her calves and feet, best feature showing as Madam was out there in the heat , poor lady, I so wanted to hold that umbrella for her, I can just imagine her maid washing her feet as she comes back home, collapses in luxury in AC.


As is her right.


So she should!




Flip flops, hear, feet -lovely and made up to a T.


And an arrogant, dominant FAT Indian woman .




Pick up some Indian femdom themed tales NOW.


And that’s that!



Mike WAtson


PS – it ain’t no surprise either that was down – no puns intended – for an hour this morning. With all the interest in Indian femdom, very rightfully so – my! All back up, DB upgraded etc…

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