The subtle – – or NOT – difference between sissies, simps, and pick me girls!

Interesting, the terms that keep coming out!

Mr Dinosaur – and Miss Forget, as Madam Yiyi keeps calling herself (she keeps forgetting that she called me a DUMBASS, hehe).

“You live in China so long, you can’t speak Chinese, you’re an idiot, boy!”

Now, of course, this is debatable i.e the reason I dont speak Chinese isn’t so much I cant speak it – but that I prefer to focus on my strengths – that being English linguistically – while strengthening my weaknesses i.e.  a few other languages ‘quietly’ until they become a strength at the level of my femdom attraction levels that no-one can beat even if they tried!


But really, I dont speak Chinese because of other reasons too.

Business wise, I dont need it – ever notice all the factories in China wanting ENGLISH speaking sales people for one?

Trust me, business wise China needs the world WAY more than the world needs it despite all the hype spread in the “fake news media” to the contrary. (and despite the hype in China to the contrary).


We spoke about Chinese sissies in an email before, I think?   Niang pao, if you remember!

And today I saw a term “pick me girl” which I must admit I ain’t heard before!

Pick up girl, go go girls, yes, but this one?

Anyway, it’s basically the equivalent of a male “simp” i.e. a woman that does exactly what us simps and sissies do … for men.

But there is a difference, albeit subtle. Hehe.

I still remember the Sin City experiences I’ve written about so much, my friend.

You’d go there, you’d pick a girl – for some reason, with me, they only (in some places) brought me ONE girl to choose from, then if I wanted another lady, I’d ask – but for the Chinese, they’d always bring out THREE Girls upfront!

More choices for them you might say?


“You’ll never be Chinese”, as a certain Mark Kitto once wrote about in his famous piece – and of course, try explaining that to the idiot “lao wais” in China that think they’ll be Chinese “someday”. 

It ain’t gonna happen!

Anyway … those were “pick me girls” – or a near equivalent!

They’d smile, titter, look sexy etc etc – and though I often wondered why they brought out “three girls” for the Chinese, and for the foreigner, only ONE – i.e. “loot the foreigner because he doesnt know, hehe” … I never said anything.

(but, when I went with my Chinese friends, they’d SOMETIMES bring out three girls. Hehe. Of course, that depends, if they thought the Chinese person was a push over, they never would)

Of course, I loved it too!

And the difference, despite all the obvious similarities between simps, sissies and pick me girls?

Hey, we ALL love cock!

Except they dont love cock – they love money!

more than anything else!

So it should be.

And while sissies and simps are never “bratty” or brats, and we would never want to be – pick me girls?

Give Madam enough money, she’ll turn into the BRAT of your dreams – nigh incarnate!

So, outwardly we’re the same.

But inwardly, the difference is not subtle.

It’s so huge and thick you could cut it with a knife! Hehe.

Madam Aa Ling was one of these pick me girls, too.

And look at what SHE turned into!


That book is right HERE

And you, my friend, need to pick it up NOW.

Lots of you have been on the list, have never got a product – I dont understand why??

Rectify this now – and I’ll see you!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember, plenty of rewards for the picking!

PS #2 – Of course, yin and yang on the “different treatment for foreigners in China”. Even today, in the hyper nationalistic environment (jingoistic) in China – we foreign devils have “a few advantages” – and many more if we KNOW how to exploit them (the advantages, hehe). So yin and yang, as Emerson famously said, what you lose in one area, you gain in another area – both with compound interest…

Now, to end this?

How would YOU like to attract femdom to you with compound interest?

I know ALL of you on this list would …

But trust me, just reading these emails won’t cut it.

You’ve got to LEARN how …

Learn – then do – THAT is the key!

Locked and cucked at that, hehe. Back soon!

PPS – Check out our Spanish translations page, lots of books now in Spanish!

PPS #1 – And of course, our FRENCH (This one is DEFINITELY one you’ll wanna check out) – and ITALIAN – and PORTUGESE translations too!

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