The more you serve – the more you get.

Mike Watson’s results in terms of femdom, life, everything else – as people say “highly successful and rich person” (even when I wasn’t – haha) – is never, was never under any cloud of doubt. not a sliver,not a shadow!

But femdom wise, my mental machinations aside, and even those familiar with my “my – my head is SPINNING” statements which I use the vibe behind to attract what I want, and the images, and the MENTALITY – what to do etc (hint, if you have not yet started learning – do so NOW) – and of course my other philosophy – even folks familiar wit ALL of that are baffled at how I attract women – and DOMINANCE – even from NOT dominant women (my SO is a prime example) … completely so beyond a point.

Is it that easy, can you really attract “on demand” – so quick!

the answer is yes, but it takes practice, years of it, but it also takes GIVING – FIRST.

Persistence, but giving first, way too many people are leery of GIVING.

The more you give, the more you receive, it comes back to you multiple times – multiplied – in some way, shape or form – fact of LIFE, my friend, and this holds especially true for MONEY.

Femdom wise, while massaging Bhagwatis feet, deep in thought about biz issues and such – I forget all.

“Ma’am, apke per daba ke sari problem dur ho jati hai”

“Ma’am, apke charone pe sab sahi hai”!

And so forth.

“Ma’am, all problems disappear when you relax and I press your feet. Ma’am, everything is fine at your feet, under them, I forget all, life is GOOD, problems non existent!”

(an almost literal translation that)

The more dominant she is, the more dominant THEY are – I forget it all, I focus on serving THEM.

“Chal, aur daba”, she says. Comfortable in her dominance, superior in her WOMANHOOD, and she finally accepts the SLAVE as a thing, plaything… (ok, press more BOY! – in a satisfied tone)

A wise lady once made the comment of “serve more with an open heart, you will always get good things”.

And femdom wise, so it is with me, so it has been, I’ve been so fortunate to press feet all my life, to SERVE these wonderful ladies, especially the latest lady – a maid in India that has driven me nigh insane with LUST – unfulfiled – over the past few days – that way that proud foot lands, her UPTURNED CHIN – my!

Literally, I’d ask for nothing else but to serve her.

No “jerking off”, no ruined orgasms, nothing. I’d just press her legs, her feet, just whatever she wanted, and then get out of the room after that if she kicked me away, cook for her, clean, do it ALL.

For the privelege of serving.

It’s simple.

Same thing holds for you customers, I’m honored to serve you, my friend.

And I’ll end with this.

Give more.

Serve more.

Do so with an open heart, and no expectations in return, and you’ll get way more than even you wanted or bargained for!

’tis truly how LIFE works, and the subconscious mind as well my friend …


Mike Watson

PS – with all the free writing, emails, blogs etc I do – free email list – is it any wonder I GET a lot? Think about that, my friend, see how you can apply to your OWN life. GIVE first, and if you want to learn, same thing, if you want to be dominated like you DESERVE, as a lady once told me, same thing. Applies everywhere. Give, and you shall receive. Same concept!

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