Press her head, her shoulders, her feet …

Dear Reader,

So, last night I had another one of those vivid dreams … well, not so much vivid as “descriptive”, I’d say.

I was with a woman – perhaps my S/O – I’m not sure – unlike most of my dreams, for whatever reason I did not record this one (hint for you folks reading this – if you’re serious about getting in touch with the part of that you REALLY controls your life – write your dreams down!), but I do remember certain parts of it extremely well even now.

When you write things down, for some odd reason it “imprints” the dream into the conscious portion of your brain as opposed to when you don’t. In the former case I can read snippets of what I’ve written about a dream weeks later and recall everything perfectly.

In the latter case, I’ll usually end up forgetting within minutes of waking up if I don’t write things down!

Such as it goes, and in my dream I was being ordered to massage a pair of feet – and do it well – and do it as SHE liked!

Rub the entire foot, boy! And do the soles first! 

That one line stands out in mind as I took her shoes and socks off – and not only started the massage, along with a calf massage, but also RUBBED her soles – her sweaty soles – several times with the palm of my hand, before squeezing the entire foot with devotion and incredible servitude to make sure no inch of it went unmassaged – or unworshipped! 

This is something I’ve written about a lot before – and something that goes ignored often times – and something that I believe I’ve mentioned in the “foot massage” tip of “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” as well.

When she gets home – her feet are hot and sweaty – and if not sweaty- if it’s cold weather – they’re encased in socks and boots nonetheless.

And there is nothing better than a human hand wiping the grime and sweat away from her soles BEFORE washing the feet – or massaging them. Not to mention the fact that it’s an incredibly humiliating thing to do for the person doing it as well …!

And that brings to mind the “whatever she wants” part of this.

Often times, doing other things – or massaging other parts of the body are far more pleasurable for a woman than simply the feet.

Sure, the feet are important. Don’t get me wrong. Washing her feet daily has become a ritual for me, and one that I truly enjoy – and so does she – but as her feet relax in that foot bath, there are other things you can do.

Rubbing her head, for one – if she’s had a hard day at the office – or just to relax.

Perhaps her shoulders – especially if she’s addicted to her smartphone!

Perhaps her back in general – or whatever she wants at that point in time!

I’ve often seen maids in the subcontinent do this for their “owners” – and from a fetish standpoint, it’s an incredible turn on.

(I should say employers, but the Hindi term often used here implies “ownership”! Hence the “Paye Lagu Malkin” tagline for the Indian Goddess series I penned oh-so-long ago … )

One of my favorite “whatever she wants” scenarios is this – She comes home from work, tired and exhausted. Tosses her bag on the chair, which I pick up and put in the right place as she collapses into the sofa.

She throws her legs up on the coffee table. I take her shoes and socks off (could write a whole tome on that, of course!).

And as I bend to tend to her feet, the voice booms out.

It could almost be the gorgeous Simi telling me this, but anyway …

Sir daba!  (press my head!) – the language is Hindi, and the tone is one often used with servants.

After a while, she’d lose interest in that, and …

Rub my arms, boy! The left arm first!

… and she’d hold up an imperious left arm which I’d support with one arm, and rub with the other.

Ditto for all the other body parts as she’d literally yell out which part she’d like massaged – as the willing slave behind her did her bidding – and there are few other things that are as much of a turn on to me as THAT!

In short – it’s all about her – its always about whatever she wants.

What she wants, she gets, and it’s the sub’s job to ensure it STAYS that way!


Mike Watson

P.S. – This email list is followed by many humiliation aficionados, and I understand why. Some of the things I write about are not only things I’ve DONE i.e. straight from the horse’s mouth – but are REAL life mixed in with fantasy – which makes it even sexier to be honest. And if you’re interested in more humiliation straight from the horse’s mouth – well – read about how Princess Joanie prefers to do it – right here – –

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