Aaron’s big dong

Back in the day, my friend Aaraon – one of them – a guy I used to drink with a lot threw me a doozy one night while we were drinking.

No, he didnt pull his pants down – and neither did I pull his down – and neither was “he horny and started to jack off“, or anything of that nature.

We were discussing girls, and I went to pee.

and when I got back, all of a sudden, I saw him peering at the computer.

No biggie.

I went to the dorm room fridge, got another beer, I was going to regale him with a story about how another buddy of mine once got so drunk that in the middle of the night he opened the fridge thinking it was a toilet, and peed in front of me.

I was sleeping in the other room, I still remember waking up and thinking “wtf”!

This was of course the same guy I mentioned in the second link above. Hehe.

The next morning he woke up and shrugged it off.

“When you drink that much its just beer!”

But I laughed about it for ages, until today – hehe. He never lived it down!

Anyway – Aaron?

He called me over.

And then showed me a picture – which mortified me.

UGH!, I said retreating.

It was him naked – with a massive dong springing out his pants!

There were NEVER anything sexual between us, so I didnt quite get it, and he immediately apologized.

For those wondering, of course, those were my “feel guilty” days. Hehe. Not the case any more as you know!

“But I dont feel shy in front of other men!” he went on.

Well, I know you dont, I said, but …

Then we dropped it.

I still remember him drunk, taking a leak, and then extending his finger too me drunkenly sniffing the penis sweat on it! (or telling me to, lol).

Nutty times those, but great fun.

And I dont know why that memory of him just popped up, but pop up it did – pun intended!

He had a big straight dong, one of the types mentioned in Penis Central.

Just completely ramrod straight…

“Amy”, his girlfriend must have had a whale of a time!

As for yours truly, I’m more the Madam Reina sort who I so love!

I wrote a lovely ode to her dong here

And her dong is mentioned as a certain type too in the book (therefore, so is mine).

Dong lover, you will LOVE this book.

Grab it NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – YES, photos included! That was something not dong – done – hehe – in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, but its’ done HERE.

PS #2 – Compilation HERE.

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