And I mean BUTT.

Not hole!

You know, if you’re an alpha, the way you really fuck – enough said.

For years upon years, my S.O. would be frustrated not just at my inability to stay hard when having SEX, but without being dominated, humiliated etc. Of course, I’m the tale of extremes, yin and yang etc as I told someone today – you either LOVE ME OR HATE, me, there is no in between, pun NOT intended, I wouldnt have it any other way.

Sissygasm Central and whats “in between” tells you a lot about which part is hurting for me you’d say?


For the past few months, even thats being denied to me, upon years of CHASTITY. (self imposed – but my penis stays loose, so its a HUGE test of self control, believe me! And Im passing it DAILY).

The part thats hurting, as I do what Empress Cody made me do.  *yes, the same lady who ordered me the first day to take a shirtless picture, then despite me saying no, she sent it to her HUSBAND to tease and keep HIM UNDER CONTROL!* MY!

(more in the book) (all true as always, reality mixed in with a dab of creative license, not and never the other way around) .

Humpie, humpie, humpie – boy – HUMPIE!

And I wasn’t humping her. Or, anyone else. Or, her shoe soles.

I was humping the AIR.

And if you have ever tried doing that, you’ll see what I mean, even HARDCORE fetishists will find it hard to stay hard here.

That, my friend, is ONE of the great and unique workouts that will be there in the much delayed course Sissy Workouts, the pictures are ALL that remain to be taken, and the price WILL go up after that, so you better get your pre-order in NOW for that. Trust me now, believe me later, and do NOT verify – hehe – because the PUDDING will verify it – this is the only and best course to PHYSCIALLY prepare you to be  REAL and good sissy – mentally comes first, and that you do via Sissy Central!  

There’s a reason why it remains a bestselling book that last one! (pun – not – hehe) (so many of ’em!) THE FUN OF IT ALL!

… even if you’re thinking FEMDOM or male dom or whatever.

… even if you’re thinking you’d literally eat her shit all day AFTER A 7 OR MORE DAY CCOMPLETE fast!

Or whatever it is.

My butt muscles, my friend, I’ve literally been FUCKING the air – thinking of pleasuring her, which I will never do or be able to do.

Yet, that butt is SORE.

It’s got such a workout lying on the bed that well, it explains why sex is often the best workout but sissies never get that, but there are similiar – actually BETTER sissy equivalents outlined in the above book.

How better you may ask?

Fair question.

It’s simple my friend – when you can CUM mentally without a drop escaping, or even precum, is when you have TOTAL Control not just over your body, but MIND TOO!

And miracles will happen, my friend, miracles, in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.

Train yourself.


My products are the RIGHT means for you to do that.

And, the proof is indeed in the pudding!

It’s SO sticky.

Back soon.


Mike Watson


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