Perfection, Ash-lee, and those lovely EYES … and that ATTITUDE!

I can almost hear the SMACK as her hands hits my EAR!

She’s irritated and tired (even if she doesn’t know it!)

But, she’s a Goddess.

In many ways, more so than some others.

How dare I say that, some might say. They’re all Goddesses!

Well, that they are.

But as Ashlee said …

“How do you know that! We have not met as yet!”

(and “we have not seen each other!”)

My response – “Madam”, life isn’t about looks or meeting. It’s your MIND. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!”

And then.

“You know why Madam! You know it very well!”

Subconsciously she does, even if she doesn’t know or admit it, hehe.

And that VIBE shines through!

And she doesn’t believe me. Naturally. Hehe.

Goddesses rarely do right off the bat.

Gotta WORK (pay.hehe) for IT!

And I don’t blame her.

“I don’t buy this compliment (boy)! But thank you anyway!”

“Madam, you don’t have to buy it or accept it” was my response.

But …

She may be on “guard” externally. Which I agree with.

And I agreed to her too.

But it’s a prime example of ATTRACTION (along wuth everything I write about).

If she even told me to drop down and lick the floor right now, I would, she’s that perfect!

Women ALL Are, but some just … those eyes!

An dthe only one I can think that compares is the lady whose SOLES I saw. Not face, not any leg, nothing!

Just that sole.


And I’d beg to do it, as I wrote about. Hehe.

And on that note, I’m “out”. Well and truly – – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS- I love findom anyway, but with girls (ladies) like HER! Well, they take things to another level, much like perfect Madam Pearl, happily settled (I’d imagine) did with me (and I bet she REMEMBERS the sheer impact she had on me. Those EYES! Paye Lagu, Madam JI!)

(All the ladies in that compilation – MONEY is the overriding theme. Maybe I should rename is FINDOM compilations in China, hehe)

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