Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it!

Dear Reader,

So, one of the themes I’ve constantly emphasized in ALL my femdom books and writings is this – be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it!

(BTW – new subscribers – I know. I know. It’s been a while and I apologize!)

And this holds true, of course. As Emerson so sagely put it – “A man is what he thinks all day long”.

Put another way – our dominant thoughts – those that we “think even without thinking” are the ones that often come true the most – – especially when you infuse them with emotion – or red hot PASSION – and lust (in some cases)!

And sometimes they come true in ways you’d never, ever imagine possible – or even really WANT possible.

Today’s post is about findom – and then again, it’s not – because findom is supposed to be consensual … or is it?

Do guys really “want their wallets” raped to the point they have to scrounge around to find pennies to feed themselves, while their Domina relaxes in luxury, all the time sneering at the sheer stupidity of the guy?

From a certain standpoint, I’d say Yes, Ma’am –  – and if you’re into findom – you might well agree!

So, recently I was doing business with a lady named Sherry – who of course in short order became “Princess Sherry”, hehe.

While I am not going to get into the specifics of the business deal, suffice it to say that something was promised by this imperious dame – and it was never delivered – with no refunds made.

From a biz standpoint, the obvious stands. But this isn’t about biz …

The first thing that came to mind when I met this lady online (curiously enough, Madam is from the SAME city that Madam Pearl, her of the gorgeous soles and drop-me-dead attitude when it comes to findom was) was this – gorgeous – and second – DOMINANT.

Oh, so deliciously dominant … right down to her statements about “you will do this…” (normal biz activities) as opposed to “you can …”.

While this may or may not have been direct intent – the fact remains that VIBES are what it’s all about – and this uber dominant vibe combined with the fact that the lady seemed pretty knowledgeable about what she was doing made me do business with her – and that is something I will always regret from a biz standpoint.

And from a personal standpoint?

Curiously enough, I feel the same submissive urges towards Princess Sherry as I did the first time I “met” her (online).

Curiously enough, if all were to go well and she were to refund my money, I wouldn’t just accept it back as something I deserved. I’d probably kneel and offer to kiss her feet – and buy her something as well – for refunding what is rightfully mine – – and if that sounds strange to the EXTREME – I understand – but you findom/femdom lovers out there will understand this feeling!

So, what to make of the lady that had such an impression on me when I first met her?

What to make of a completely unprofessional and dishonest woman that did cheat me in terms of biz -and yet – when I talk to her now – I still feel a certain sense of “honesty” emanating from her?

What to make of the fact that I still haven’t reported her to the police – though I probably should – and that I’m still on cordial terms with her as far as possible, when it should be the exact opposite?

Is it me thinking with my little head?

Perhaps in part, but I’ve always been a highly sexed person, and trust my GUT – and my GUT still isnt’ willing to tell me that she is a bonafide thief.

Now, none of this means I’m going to do what Michael Douglas did in Basic Instinct, of course, which was to ignore all reason and jump headlong towards sexy disaster. Nothing doing whatsoever. At the end of the day my biz decision was made upon LOGIC – combined with gut feeling … And I certainly wouldn’t send her any more money if she asked for it (which she has, and I haven’t sent).

Strangely enough, if there is one piece of advice I could give the lady though – it would be this – Madam – you’re naturally dominant – and femdom – or findom – comes naturally to you!

The only area where you’ve erred and are erring is that what you did was non-consensual … And, this is where the law of compensation will come back to nail you.

So, Princess Sherry – I hope you’ll learn from this experience. Money is one thing – trust is quite another.

And of course, you’re always a Princess anyway – as we’ve spoken about before! 😉

And that’s that for today, my friend. Be on the outlook for the Princess to feature in the next edition of Submissive Musings in Mainland China – coming out soon most likely!


Mike Watson

P.S. – There are few better places to be if you’re looking for dominant females to control EVERY aspect of your life – than mainland China – and Shanghai is one of the top cities to be in that regard. And there are FEW, if any, ladies that know every aspect of femdom in and out as Madam Pearl does … And here is where you can read about my own experience with this lovely lady that I’ve been most fortunate to have been with …

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