Feeling that DOMINATION!

Man, what can I say. For the past couple of years or so especially, although it’s always been “auto pilot” for me – I can simply look at a lady – or to a lesser extent a guy – their words, the vibe, all of it – and within a nanosecond, regardless of anything else, I can feel the DOMINATION steaming off them – or the submission.

And it’s hot, man.

Every day women, just people you see on videos etc, or maybe even movies.

Last night I watched a South Indian movie, which I did not understand a lot of (it was dubbed though) – but one of the lead actresses who mysteriously died – and was then set ablaze (after death) – well, for some reason Madam’s “foot” – with a lovely anklet on it was not completely burnt!

That movie went on for way too long and I did not finish it. Maybe tonight…

But the minute she (before the death) LOOKED at the male lead with those big eyes, MAN!

I could FEEL the domination.


And her feet aren’t even that pretty!

Its a matter of FEELING it, my friend.

When you talk to someone, email someone, chat with them – use their products etc – it all has a vibe, and usually, your gut reaction is SPOT ON – very accurate.

And mine has always been.

And therefore, my own fans – footfans – who love my content so – well, they can FEEL, whether they know it or not, that domination STEAMING off my hot soles – and voice when I choose to use it. Hehe.

And I’m just getting started.

Life’s good, my friend.

And to make it better, to spice it up – start by incorporating some femdom or male dom (yes, these tips work for BOTH genders, its about the mind) into your life!

And thats that .

Remember, our products truly change lives.

And remember, I’m also doing custom foot shows etc these days for those willing to pay a bit more – if you do, you’ll find it very worth it!

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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