My boyfriend uses that size, honey!

Oh boy, I still remember it.

After my last email on “her boyfriend’s used condoms”, I just had to write to you about THIS.

A long, long time ago I was with a Southern belle in the U.S. (in a relationship) – and a relationship where femdom was pretty much out of the question for the most part (other than in a grudging manner on occasion).

Now I’ve written about that extensively, of course.

She wanted me to go to counseling for it, for one. HA!

Apparently she couldn’t understand why I was getting turned on by “women saying mean things to me”.


But on that note, I do have to say that #2 was sort of my “fault”.

Well, not so much my fault, but she was 10 years older than I was (yes, I’ve always loved ladies older than me in case you’re wondering for what should be obvious reasons in terms of femdom ?) . . . and try as I might, I couldn’t explain the WHY’s to her the way I do to folks now.

Hey, I was 19. Cut me some slack, hehe.

While I personally got involved in many a BDSM adventure (including plenty of cock sucking, some forced, some not at that stage), my S.O. just couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to have sex with her.

As I lay in bed this morning, I thought about Madam Alexa (after the imperious Mistress Sadie, of course!).

And one of the things, or perhaps the thing , that I like the MOST about her is her inclination to BE the one penetrating.

In other words, she doesn’t want sex.

She’s tried it on occasion (dicks are tools – remember the post on that? ?) but she didn’t like it, and if I was with her, guess what would happen.

Not only would my orgasms be denied regularly, not only would I have the privilege of looking at those lovely SOLES regularly, not only would I be a complete cuck and sissy for her . . . but there would be NO pressure to have “real man sex” with her!

And that’s the most liberating thing for me, and perhaps #1 in ANY relationship I have here on in.

Princess Tina understands this, of course. So did Madam Carol, but other than Alexa, no other lady (not even the two I mentioned) really understood this and more importantly the WHY.

Anyway, we were looking for condoms for me.

As I’ve stated repeatedly in Cuck Central, NOT all cucks have small cocks (and I’ve done up a Medium piece on this too, I believe).

In fact, you might be surprised to find that the majority of cucks have dicks that are BIGGER – or LONGER than the average, and yours truly fits the bill with his phimotic, thicker than average COCK.

And the phimosis is yet another thing I’ve always been asked to rectify, if just “so I can have sex better”, but I haven’t.

First thing you know, it doesn’t hurt even if I DO have regular sex except in certain positions, and second, I don’t WANT to have regular sex anyway. Hehe. Can’t recall the last time I even came, for that matter, and I’ve never been happier! ?

And when I AM doing something I enjoy, even the painful tugs (I have almost 100% phimosis) don’t seem to matter to me one damn bit, so . . .

But anyway, we were looking for condoms, because she thought the condoms were too tight for me.

And truth be told, they were – a little. Not too much.

And I still remember the black lady that we spoke to at another convenience store, or perhaps the hospital, I can’t quite remember about condoms.

“Do you have a bigger size?” my woman asked.

The black lady behind the counter looked at her in an incredulous manner.

“Honey . . . my boyfriend is extra large, and he uses those, and he’s fine!”

And the first thing that sprung to mind for me? Pun intended.

I’ll let you guess! And if you guessed a certain Kendrick, you guessed right, hehe.

All for now – and enough on condoms for now too. Phew! I’m sweating up a storm just THINKING about it, hehe.


Mike Watson

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