The dark skinned Indian queen with RED nailpolish whose feet I wanted to drop down – and – well, KISS – and more..

A certain lovely SO was there, so I didnt, or couldn’t. Even I value my balls, useless as they occasionally might be. Not really. Hehe. I do value my jewels tho!

They’re lovely and dense for one x.

They’re responsible for all I do, always have.

Its brought me great results, for more, read Napoleon Hill’s chapter on sexual transmutation in Think and Grow Rich and true achievers will get my drift, common thoughts and why do I mention this NOW?

This email doesnt even contain, or wont, anything ostensibly of value after I’ve written life columns all damn day long apparently to my list – not this one, others.

But you know as I saw her, in shorts, lovely dark skinned legs, and those feet not visible, but I could see the sandals – I know, I could FEEL the red nailpolish bright as always, contrasting with her dark skin.

She’s the upstairs neighbor.

Like Bhagwati Devi who wears BLUE – dark blue – she’s always got the nailpolish on, and I’ve seen her feet from the first time I met her!

Nothing new you’d say. yet, there was a reason I saw another Indian maid today, perfectly pedicured feet, no nailpolish – walking home …


Where is all this leading?

Nowhere, just another ode to Indian ladies.

Not every email needs to be a sales pitch or “informative”, most are meant to give you a rundown of my real time daily life and femdom and other dom from every perspective in it.


25 Odes to Indian maids that truly so RICHLY deserve it is a MUST grab. After you click buy be sure and mentally kiss the lick the maid’s slippers on the cover. IT’s her right, BOY!

And thats that.


Mike Watson

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