Why torpedo Dongs turn me on so!

I capitalized the D for a reason. That dong, and indeed those long dongs are so sexy, so DOMINANT!

Yet, it’s funny.

On the Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots page, I include pictures of cocks – two that turn me on a lot, and a lot of you out there too but they dont fit the above description and did not have the same impact on me. Same for Humiliation Central, Id slob on those dongs and balls anyday.

But they’re not torpedo dongs!

THAT dong I’ve been staring at, mesmerized by its sheer beauty, sheer attractiveness, sheer studliness, and sheer girth and thickness, the way it talks to the viewers, it puts new meaning to Madam Susan and what she said.

Talk to my soles, boy! Not me! 


Talk to his dong, boy! Not him!

Talk to his ass and asshole, boy! Not him!

I’ve said that before.

I’ve also spoken about two sissygasms-cum-nipplegasms that just LOOKING at the dong sent me into.

The loads.

With proof!

True, that takes practice – a lot of it to reach that level, but when you can reach nirvana with ONE flick of the nipples, think about how you’ll feel ACTUALLY slobbing on the knob, or it taking you, or actually pressing her feet, on your face, her ass, her REAL voice, and so forth!

Ectasy x 100.

Hence all my courses, and the instruction.

Hence all the real life experience in my books which are instructions enough for those that can read betwen the lines.

But I was thinking.

Why this dong?

And a couple of others!

Today, as I was thinking about a PG Wodehouse classic, it hit me!

He’s a – or was -a British old timer -a slapstick comedy writer, and there’s never been another like him, and never will be!

His books truly made me chuckle all day, and they still do, after all these years.

I was 6 when I read my first one, maybe 5.

All very PG rated. Hehe.

Jeeves and Wooster, the classic parody on the Brit upper class in a jovial, friendly, funny manner that cannot, as he would say, fail to “warm the cockles of your heart”.

Anyway, cockles …

In one of his books, he talks about Uncle Percie, sworn enemies with Wooster because when Wooster as a kid, he stole one his cigars and Percie chased him across difficult country for miles with a hunting crop, hehe … inviting none other than Bertie (the story is so hilarious I’ll be splits if I tell you!) to his study.

Bertie is cautious.

To say the least!

“To say I was astounded would be putting it lightly!”

Anyway, Uncle Percy takes him into his study, and cajoles him to have a drink.

“Oh, I dont think so”, giggles Bertie, wondering why the sudden change in heart.

“Nonsense, my boy!” he goes. “Here, have a drink”, he said, mentioning to the butler, and then “A smoke too!” and then “shoved what loked like a torpedo into my mouth”.

“Here you rascal”. “Dont pretend you dont like them. Remember that hunting crop, ha, hah, ha!”

Classic, the Wooster Jeeves series!

But hunting crops ?

Well, we BDSM lot know all about ’em!

But that dick –


That torpedo dong was shaped like a torpedo – truly a solid cucumber, and the head was so beautiful, so nicely shaped, standing out in pink.

He had a cock ring, but that wasn’t the main thing.

Other dongs I saw – yes, those TORPEDO dongs – that shape – something about them! 

Big, fat, ready to explode in your mouth – from the weapon “bomb” shaped cock head!

I could kiss that cock forever.

I wish I had his dong on the computer desktop now!

Truly hypnotizing it is, and a great sissy conditioning tool!

Anyway, you sissies likely dont have mammoth dongs like that, hehe.

So for you, learn how to SUCK AND SERVE them well.

READ about how yours truly did it.

An dof course, learn how to become the perfect sissy for her and him here.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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