Chop chop, she said. Chop Chop, I did!

Chop, chop, BOY!

That Amazonian Goddess, man, I lusted after her for AGES – and her man’s cock too. Hehe. Those long lovely feet with that anklet that broke, man she is SO DOMINATING!


And she told me to get to it – chop chop!

I’ve written about that before, eh?

One of the most erotic off the cuff dialogs I’ve ever heard, so sage(ss) that an Aussie lady said that …

And as I heard that, I almost came, of course. Didnt hurt her man’s dick was just the right size, so lovely, I still remember the head (cut) – MY!


Anyway – Mike Watson has been asked twice today “what he is’ in terms of “job”.

First, he was told a certain SO is very hard working.

Hey, as I chop vegetables for hours, thats so apt! Hehe, and it teaches me – MORE – what I already knew, the truism behind CHOP CHOP!

Get to work, boy – either chopping wood – or DINNER!!!!!!!!! Hehe.

I first said I was a writer and business person, then entrepreneur, then folks tried translating that int o their local language. Hehe. All in good fun!

Anyway – its interesting. When people ask me “whats my job”.

Serving Madam – or SIr ?

Switching, and dominating people like NO-ONE else out there can – I’ve been on both ends?

The best cock sucker ever?

The best massager, writer, business person – and certainly “creme la de creme” of femdom/fetish ?

So many “labels” which I hate.

I prefer to say I dont work. I have fun.

Which I do – and cooking is another one of Mike’s talents he doesnt use all the time, but he has been this month. Man, it’s fun cooking I’ll tell you that … even if I’m not ordered to do so!

And my Twitter has some pictures of that …

Anyway – if you ain’t gotten “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland“- some of our award winning NOVELS – and of course, manuals?

Then what you’re waiting for – get to it?




Mike Watson

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