Because she’s “Goddamned AWESOME!”

Dear Reader,

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to a lovely Chinese lady – a lady who is a recruiter (ostensibly working for herself) who had advertised a position that required those who “looked cool”.

Now this was a position in mainland China – and a temp position that that – and those that are in any way, shape or familiar with how these positions are advertised in China know just how vague these descriptions can be.

Now yours truly doesn’t work (if you can CALL it that – I call it FUN!) for nobody except himself (well, unless I’m “owned” – which I’m currently not 😉 ) – so it wasn’t something I’d normally be interested in, and yet, SOMETHING – SOMETHING prompted me to add the lady and ask a few questions.

Vibes,vibes, vibes, and even before she added me back and responded – I knew it. In fact, I could FEEL it, and so strong were the dominant vibes literally FLYING off her that I was floored.

Now in terms of the actual position, we ended up having a bit of a misunderstanding. I’m not sure whose fault it really was – but hey, I apologized to her anyway – but I’m getting ahead of myself!

At a certain point during the argument, she uttered the following words – – “I know, I know, Mike. And you know what? It’s because I’m goddamned awesome!”

And annoyed though I was at that point about the misunderstanding (though really – I shouldn’t have been if you get my drift – she’s always right! ;)) – irritated tho I was at the lack of communication (or so I thought), I still remember the feeling I had when she said that.

It only reconfirmed my initial feelings about her – TENFOLD!

A few months later, here I am – speaking to her YET again – and this time, I adopted a very careful approach while approaching her – and guess what?

Her entire demeanor was so friendly I wondered if she had forgotten our initial interaction. And tho her demeanor was certainly friendly – my own UBER submissive vibes probably didn’t hurt either – as you can likely tell from reading this!

The minute I added her (again) was the minute I knew this lady had something special. And funnily enough she wasn’t offended at all when I brought the “last time” up.

Again – don’t get me wrong – I apologized anyway (though it might not have been my fault, actually!) – but here’s the deal.

What deal?

Well, this – VIBES!

I cannot state enough the importance of vibes, my friend. I’ve said it in The Complete Guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland – and I’ve said it GALORE and ad infinitum in my books – and I’ll say it again.

It matters not whether you’re tall or short – thin or fat – in shape or not – rich or poor – with half a dick or .. ah, but you get the point, guys!

If you’re looking to find that truly dominant female of your dreams, then your vibes are what count, and will subconsciously communicate themselves to the partner of your dreams – – and others sharing the SAME vibes without you even knowing it.

It matters not if your physically in a different locale. It matters NOT if languages are different. And it matters NOT AN IOTA  what your  nationality – or sun sign – or what have you – IS!

What matters are the vibes you send out. Work on them, and you’ll automatically start to attract more of what you really want (provided you don’t “chase” it, of course!).

Second, and the other main reason I’m writing this – and this is important – is because this lady – we’ll call her Madam W – was SPOT on.

Not only is she gorgeous (and no, it’s got nothing to do with her actual looks!) and always right – but she’s as she rightly says, “goddamned awesome”.

And the same holds true for you ladies out there reading this!

I don’t care if it’s Sophia Bai – – or the lady I met in the park the other day – – or Madam Krystal – – or even the indomitable Madam Aa Ling …. ALL of you ladies are “goddamned awesome” and you deserve every bit of the praise – and worship – and more! – that is sent your way.

Women in general are goddamned awesome, and I have Madam W to thank for that little dialog – as well as for “unwittingly” reminding the male of the species where his “place is”, haha.

Last but not least, if you’re truly submissive – but have yet not been able to find the Dominant lady of your dreams, then my guide right here would be a pretty good start for you – in addition to working upon your vibes, of course.

Grab it now, and start working towards “your true place in life” ASAP! 😉


Mike Watson

P.S. – Madam W, if you were here right now I’d kiss your feet right after writing this. THAT is how awesome YOU are!

P.S #2 – Another manual that has been in hot demand as of late seems to the “how to” on ruined orgasms. Ladies, if you’re looking to “hook” your guy forever and turn him into the submissive little bitch he was meant to be – well – this should be definitely in your toolbox! Grab it right here – –

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