Why I SO WANT Madam Sophia to stomp my little stinky

I so do!

Anyway, today I was talking to her, and she was complaining about her job.

She left the last sales job she was working at.

“I need more time to spend with my kids, boy!”

Then she doesnt like the current teaching job she is doing (though she’s perfect to be a strict teacher!).

“the kids in my class are incompetent and ignorant”

“Well, most of them. Bad classes!”

Hey, I get it, Madam.

Thats one reason Mike Watson never teaches in china  despite constantly getting offered big bucks to do so!


I mean I’ve done it in the past, but I only did monkey jobs where there were other ‘benefits’ to be found.

Like, madam Carol, her of the loveliest feet in Southern China (Princess Joanie is a close second though!)..

Or, perfect Ashley.

“why I can’t see the head, boy!”

Sage, hehe.She wasn’t to know of my phimotic cock!

Anyway, I told Sophia I got it.

“Yes, you mean brats” I responded in response to her comment about “if I understood”. .

Of course I do!

And she translated the word.

It came out as … ‘little stinky!”

I gotta say it again!

I love the WeChat translations. .

It translated into something so funny, yet so apt. Stinky little brats indeed they tend to be.

As for me?

My little stinky dicklet?

I know it’s no good to have sex with.

I know I can never touch Sophia (unless its her feet) or have sex with her!

I know she’s tired, and I need to first massage her, then cook for her dinner should be waiting, boy !

And so forth …

and my little stinky is my dicklet. Better off locked and cucked, or is that the other way around. hehe.

Maybe thats why I LOVE to worship other real man long cocks … Hehe.

Those unencumbered lovely dong swanging around …

Alright, enough of this.

To learn how to be the perfect cuck for her and lock your little stink up forever or get her to do it  do whats mentioned inCuck Central.

And to worship cock, learn from the best HERE.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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