Why you slave boys and slave girls (yes!) – need to be LEASHED, and NAKED – and looking DOWN at the floor – always!

In ancient Rome, they used to gauge a slave’s strength by literally cupping, pinchin, slapping the hip, butt and shoulders – and back. The strongest part of the body – this held true for both men and women (though for women obviously other things were considered “to be sold” in the market).

Tough times those!

In ancient India and China – servants were not allowed to look employers and kings and Queens in the eye, and even when backing out, they’d have their eyes firmly fixated on the floor, and … well, they wouldn’t turn back, they’d walk backwards till a point “dont show the King your back, girl!”.

In China, they’d kneel for hours, in India, they’d stand STRAIGHT for hours (try doing that with a tray of something in your hand, or makeup, and you’ll see how hard it is very quickly. No pun intended!).

And more. whew.

What does this have to do with today, and you – and I?

Well, this response Ive been getting from GIBBERING footboys, and simpering women in some cases for my lovely soles!

It doesnt surprise me, of course – my feet have always been a hot favorite.

“Baby soft”

“Just like a girl’s”

“Do you get pedicures:?”

And so forth.

I do NOTHING for my soles, yet…

I’ve never thought about them deeply either!

Yet, they arouse lust like my penis does in most people – DOMINANTS in most cases become submissives simply looking, which isn’t surprising, we all have a bit of switch in us.

I remember this time domming a guy (submissive to the core) and his woman, who was dominant to him, to me, not so much.

The woman would stand at attention with my beer on a tray, or she’d kneel, as I’d be on a recliner, or sofa, with the guy massaging my legs, my feet …

Switch roles, I’d often kick them away – verbally tell ’em to “get lost, boy!”

“Do it quickly, bitch!”

And I’d be naked sometimes, sometimes not, that hard dick of mine always out of reach, those dense pubes glistening, but NOT available to the guy, and the girl – well, she got my nipples, got a suck in, but end of the day, I left them horny – and WANTING MORE!

Which is the best way.

You dont want a session to end with a proper orgasm for the guy for one. You want him coming back!

I could go on and on about the worship, but the key part

And not everyone does this.

Both were BUTT naked in front of me – except for an iron (sorta) leash around their necks.

They werent tied together…

But, they were naked, and I’d grab their body parts, slap them, especially the female slave – cup them … and, well, USE them as you would a slave.

Being naked, my friend, adds another dimension to servitude.

It truly STRIPS away human dignity!

Especially if you’re overweight which both these people were and I’d jiggle their fat bellies up and down and play “tum tum” on them all the time if you get my drift.

Serving an Indian Goddess has more examples of such humiliation …

But really, Master watching his bitch naked with big boobs get him a drink, perfectly done on a tray, then stand for hours, then flick his nipples on command, massage, watching the male slave with his pin dick SO hard scrubbing the floor, or doing what I told him to do, which was – and get this, they’d get me to the point of orgasm, and the guy would SEND.

MY, what a fuckin turn on that was!

I’ve written about sending for each blast of his, yet, I never came.

And the more they turned me on, the more they SENT (during a planned sesssion).

Neither one of them could get enough of my soles, my friend, and I dont blame ’em.

All great fun, and I still have that visual in mind, at my BECK AND CALL, I control them with that leash, naked like dogs, their submission UTTER and absolute … MY!

Their degradation ABSOLUTE …

And so forth.

I think you get the picture, my friend.

And they paid me for it.

And they still do!

Me, my legs spread, thick dick getting longer with each minute, being served royally by two women, and a male slave to boot … what more can a top ask for?

That vibe, that visual with me accepting money – I – and this is ME – have to struggle not to cum to it as they pay me!

And, like I said on Twitter- BEG me to do so.

That don’t mean I accept payments for this sort of thing from anyone – its only if you’re serious about things, and not interested in a quick wank.

I’m not interested in the latter regardless of how much they pay.

remember, domination – and being allowed to serve is not and never a right or entitlement. It’s a privelege, granted there are agreements, but that agreement is based on certain RULES, my friend, which cannot be forgotten.

There’s certain cardinal rules to domination outlined here.

And, for findom, well, cardinal rules outlined HERE

And they work well for either gender, switch or not.

Get ’em now.

Start living life like you’ve always fantasized, my friend.

It is SO worth it!



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