She – he – and they – are too GOOD for you, footboy!

And their private parts, of course!

I just saw a lady “Radha” on Twitter, I’ve been looking at her feed a while now. And with those gorgeous big arms that Madam posted, and the lovely smile, always immaculate makeup – of course, those SOLES did it for me – hehe – I know one damn thing.

She’s too good for me! ?

And, while looking at her big breasts – she’s somewhat overweight, covers it up – and is proud of it – so it should be, hehe – so nice! muah …

… This thought struck me – I would NEVER touch her breasts. Never ever.

Ma’am, I am just there to touch your feet and massage you!


Then, the reaction I’m getting for my soles on Youtube … very deservedly so! Haha.

Most footboys would give a fortune to worship them, massage them – and they do, and they say so publicly. Hehe.

And with my dick, which isn’t either on Twitter – or youtube – that SPECIAL dick – the select few that see it?

Well, I dont have to tell them it’s off bounds for them.

It IS.

And they know it. More –

They say it themselves!


And that, friend, is the name of the game.

You’re there to serve them, simple.

Goon at our soles, goon at Sir, goon at Madam, and … well, enjoy life to the fullest! x


Mike Watson

PS – Custom videos available for those who send FIRST. Has to be a minimum of $100, and we can go from there (in terms of custom videos). Be sure to check out our award winning manuals as well that will spice up your life like NOTHING ELSE ever did before, or even will – or even can (there is a reason I’m known as the real Mc coy of femdom).

PS #2 – Seeing what you CAN’T get, choose not to get, both – well, isn’t that the greatest tease/turn on? Even if you did, you wouldn’t perform! And you know it, and that the fun of it all. Non performance, foot – BOY! ?

certain parts of you DO function well though, the wallet for instance. I so know how to open it up. Snicker. ??

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