Getting back from the beer store…

When HE does. Or Master does!

Or, a certain Jeremy did – as I was engaging in some sissy workouts – legs HIGH up in the air, RAMROD straight – pun very much intended, anal region VERY open – and I was consciously opening it MORE … I thought of this lovely memory!

It has NOT been shared before, it’s a list only exclusive.

It’s NOT in Sissy Confessions either, though it really should be (maybe it will in the future).

But for now …

I sucked his dick, he shot a load – at the ceiling, it seemed like!

All that, and more has been covered in the link above – and here too if it hadn’t been already!

I gotta say thank you to the guy and his dong the other day who inspired this post, but I think end of the day, it’s Jeremy, or perhaps penis in general that does.

sissy, lovely, penis love!


Anyway, after all that, after the lust had SOMEWHAT died down – remember, yours truly “wasn’t too drunk to cum” as he kept saying later – and yours truly came without even touching himself as he put his lips to my cock (though the BJ he gave me was terrible, and not long, and I didnt need him to do that – his cock was just so THICK long and beautiful I was cumming anyway – you sissies know the feeling!!) …

I came on his face.

After that, he departed to the store … for … more beer!

Came back – and one of us threw up, I believe. Too much beer, actually, that was BEFORE he went to the store (again).

“Best thing after throwing up, Mike”, he said, laughing? “More beer!” 

And so it was.

And as he showed up, the first thing I had to do?

Was drop to my knees, literally RUN to pull his pants off, even while he was standing there, beer in hand! (bag of beer).

And I had to start slobbing again, and I did!

“I’m too drunk to cum”, he moaned in ectasy along with repeatedly saying “oh, you’re so GOOD at this!” 

Now, that was such a turn on pleasing him – and remember that was me back in the day.

I did NOT use the tips I outlined in Penis Central and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots (in reverse order).

IF I had, Jeremy would probably be here now. Hehe.

And the heaven he experienced as a “top” that day would be magnified x 10 – or 100 if I went sissygasm on him!

From a STUD perspective!

Today, as I think about it, I so wish I’d have done what he asked.

“Oh, man”, he was moaning, “I so want to have sex with you!”

A friend of mine later told me “you dont want that reputation going around with you” when I was feeling guilty over it – curiously enough, it was THIS friend. Hehe. (more in Cuckold Compilations).

Odd how things work out, I was slobbing on his knob a few weeks later!

He was too drunk to cum too. Hehe.

so it goeth, but I came – and gallons – bucketloads – sissies know the feeling when you look at another hard long cock!

Especially those beautiful pretty ones, though they all are so pretty!

I can hear Madam Megan tittering “gay, you faggot!”

And she’s right. Hehe.

Ma’am, I DID follow your orders to flirt with him, send him my sissy pics!

Seems he loved ’em. Hehe.

Anyway – cock hungry was I – am I – so are all sissies.

And, the parting note on which that ended, as my guilt took over again.

“Mike’s not gay”, he laughed as I left… thinking of his DONG!

And that, friend, is that.

So HORNY was I I didnt even lick his balls!


Mike Watson

PS – Cock lovers, and cuckolds in general, get the courses now, you’ll love ’em.

PS #2 – Penis compilation here!

PPS – Cum is welling up in my balls just reading what I Wrote above, so HOT!

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