Cream those panties, sissy boy! Why should GIRLS have all the FUN!

So used to say Madam Pearl, giggling away nineteen to the dozen (in Chinese, of course). 

Those sexy wicked eyes used to look straight at me, those beautiful Chinese legs crossed, feet bare …

Skirt until KNEES …

And soon enough, and usually it was accompanied by a raging desire on my part to … piss.

At the start I’d try to control it, but I never ever COULD.

Later on, I just gave in, and realized this was what she wanted, and realized it was also what I as a sissy should do!

Soon, my penis, either caged or not would piss in my panties … not quite.

It would be a huge gush of cum that wouldn’t orgasm out, but “piss” out, stick to my pubes, and as I took my underwear off in front of her, she’d giggle.

My, my, sissy, she’d giggle. 

Quite a mess there, isn’t it? 

you were horny!

Then, she’s casually flick my nipples – and I’d shake with lust despite having released cum a while ago!

And soon, I’d be hard and salivating after her again …

These, my friend are the joys of wearing a BUTT PLUG – day in and day out!

Preferably one of those remote controlled ones which releases tiny sparks to stimulate you EVEN more – remember, butt plugs to start with feel like a cock is up inside of you rubbing up againt all those pleasurable sissy spots, boy!

You’ll truly, if denied orgasm understand, feel and experience what it means to be a woman in lust – UNFULFILED LUST – and you’ll understand the meaning of multiple orgasms. 

Men have one orgasm, turn around and sleep.


I’d rather be a sissy, and experience the unending BLISS girls do!

And not only that – I’d love to be on edge all day and not “deflated” as after a regular real man orgasm.

Running after her … salivating after her!

And thats what ruined orgasms are all about, and my book on ruined orgasms teaches you how to give HIM the ruined orgasm of HIS life, and have him coming back to YOU – GROVELING – BEGGING – and salivating for MORE!

Get this right, and you’ll control him like never before!

Subs – get on this program NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Oh, and the next best thing to butt plugs, or one that goes with it is sissygasms. Again, subs and dominas – jump on this now – truly the best course on it out there!

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