What Madam Gaby told me (TOLD! hehe) about following the dictates of my heart…

It’s something I’ve done all my life. It’s something I’ll continue to do for as long as I breathe on the physical plane.

And Madam said it SO WELL, so NICELY!

She truly does without even trying bring out the simp in me. Hehe. Doesn’t take much, I know, but she …

But anyway, this morning, on another site, I wrote about “What would you regret at the end of your life – if any”.

If you’re Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, his answer would be “not trying” (if he didnt).

When quizzed about his space travels, Blue Origin … and his ownership of the Washington Post – this was his answer.

“When I’m 90, those are things I can look back upon and be proud of, that I did ’em!”

Jeff is right, and I agree 100%.

I then posed the question to my readers!

(for me, I thought about it for a brief 2 minutes, more than what I think about for any of this sort of question – and my answer was “No”).

I posed the question to my readers though, and asked them to be HONEST.

HAVE you done all you could – at any endavor – done your best, given it all your all, an dthen some?

HAVE you followed your heart – instead of your logical mind – most of the time – and never given up doing so?

HAVE you done – or tried to do- all you wanted to?

If there is something you wanted to say, someone you wanted to compliment – something that makes you happy … HAVE you done it?

And so forth.

For most people, the answer is NO.

But anyway, for me … thats what a lot of women keep telling me – and that I did anyway.

“If it makes you happy “… 

And thats what I’ve done all my life, on this site, and so forth!

Creating a site tailored to simps, sissies, studs and such- and the pathbreaking products – true, not many people, or any maybe do it – or have done. It’s truly unique!

(the way in which I do it is too).

But till this day, I could care less about how it looks, what people think and so forth.

IF there is something I want to say, like with the regally commanding (or, I should say “lovely mind”, but both ar ethe same! the VIBE shines through) Madam Gaby I wrote about yesterday, I said it!

She posted something on Twitter about “not giving your heart to me, or it won’t come back”.

Or it likely won’t, at least.


Is it OK if I let my simp tendencies float towards you Madam ?


Hahhahaha, just kidding…. (not really ?)


Her –

You should just follow the dictates of your heart ?

The way she said it, SO NICE!

I can feel that VIBE that attracted me to her in the first place, she is SO NICE!

Absolutely, Madam. Thats what I do all the time and you bring it out SO well in me. I’d press your legs all day and listen to your adventures … ?

Thank you so much for being so NICE – so GORGEOUS!

And she is!

And there it is, my friend.

Follow your heart – and have the guts to do it.

If you like something, be OPEN about it – not a wacko and Bozo “hidden closet fetishist” like that “Glyn” guy in Brum who pesters all and sundry with his nonsense, and is a vile, nasty person about it too.

Just be open, nice and honest … all there is to it!

I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

P.S. – For you cucks out there, pick up some of our Chinese femdom and Indian femdom tales, why – because you will ENJOY them, period – and of course, also Cuckold compilations, truly steaming HOT! (almost as much as the LOAD, hehe)

PPS – Email still not back up. But, we’re working on it! Patience, please …

Oh, and if you’re the sort that says “Hi!” and nothing else – please. Thats one of my pet peeves, people who do that and say nothing else, expecting YOU to get back to them, start the conversation, be needy and such.

That is for some of you on the list.

And then this I got this yesterday –

Name: (removed by Mike)
I fuck you

Um, no thank you very much . BLOCK!

Folks, please. Sensible please! Glyn Schofield like comments will just get you blocked, not just by me but all the gorgeous lovely women you so CRAVE AND HANKER after …

PPS #2 – Here is the world famous course on attracting female dominance to you in all its shapes, forms and guises, and proof, well, it’s in the pudding, sticky mess, and in the book too – hehe.

Quote of the day (mike Watson)

Seriously tho. Gorgeous, demanding, and sometime bratty and always CONFIDENT ladies like you, makes life worth living. THANK YOU!



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