Pressing Pooja’s legs. . .

This lady Pooja is one I’ve often written about, and with good reason! ?

Very good reason, and as I woke up this morning, I wanted to press her LEGS.

The foot was there in the visuals part of mind, yes.

That petite, small foot, and the SOLE, oh, that sole shot . . .

. . . but as I woke up this morning, I was a tad tired.

And I thought of Madam instantly.

Pooja Madam, who would no doubt be tired after her job walking around all day.

“Tang Daba!”

I can almost hear the command ring out as she turns over, that lovely sari of hers getting hiked up . . .

And as the calf becomes visible, I’d roll the garment up even more to expose an expanse of thigh, lovely brown thigh and the HAMSTRINGS, the oh so sexy hamstrings, the back of the body that deserves so much attention!

“Kamar Daba! Chal!”

(For those non-initiated in Hindi, the “de facto” language of the subcontinent, the first means “Rub my legs!” and the second is “Rub my waist!”)

And hindi is one of those languages where the WAY things are said matters a lot as well as the TERMS used.

If she said “dabayie”, it would mean she was being respectful!

But the way she said it is exactly how someone would talk to a servant anywhere in the world, and especially in India, where Madam Pooja, or should I say Pooja Madam JI is from! ?

And whether or not she’s a figment of my imagination, you ask, since I said that in past emails?

I’ll leave that for you to decide!

Anyway, shades of Madam Pearl as I rubbed her waist and back, and she slept, and then the legs, of course.

And as I parted the ass cheeks to smell that sweaty asshole, I just had to say it . . . and write this.

Pooia Madam deserves all the pleasure she can, and then some!


Mike Watson

PS – I love Indian femdom, and if you do too – HERE is where you can read about it:

PS #2 – I also kissed the ass cheeks for a good hour or so, since they deserve it, and the asshole, of course, you know what I did! ?

PPS – No, she didn’t allow me release. She was tired, and all I did was massage her, and go away unsatisfied. And yes, I kissed her flabby stomach over and over again, the rolls of fat undulating as I did so. She deserves it, boy, and if you’re a TRUE male sub, which you should be if you’re here, then you KNOW what I MEAN!

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