Why I love women on periods – they’re even bitchier, naturally so … and!

Dear Reader,

I’ve written about this before, i.e. worshipping her on her period.

Not something thats talked about a lot, and yet, why would you – as a sub – NOT do it?

I mean, she’s bitchy, cranky, tired, irritable – all naturally so. If there is ONE time she is amenable to TRUE Femdom, which encompasses more than just the SEXUAL – it is this!

And I’ve written galore about how I’ve changed tampons – or pads – for Madam.

I didnt feel icky in the slightest.

I mean, if women – remember that Bozo Schofield clown?

One of this friends apparently used to shit in bed, and apparently his girlfriend used to clean it up – friend was like almost 40, and no real problems except he got drunk and did it.

And expected his woman to clean that “shit” up!

He said she did.

I’ve got my doubts, and if she did, probably didnt do it happily either …

Or, I Dont know, maybe she did sometimes!

Hell, she gave him plenty of hell on other occasions, so …

But if women can do that sort of thing – why not MEN?

I dont know, I’ve cleaned up tampons – pads – the whole mess, and … women love to have sex on their periods too!

I’ve done that too – of course, the best my tiny little pricklet can, without even staying hard, of course. Hehe.

I’ve licked her ass .

Done it all.

And of course massaged her galore!

The first night I met Madam Anne, she too, was on her period.

We didnt have sex, which was such bliss, such joy!

Of course, that was the night she pressed my head.

I better remember it, as it wouldn’t happen again. Hehe.

But the nipplegasms, and those lovely legs, all happened all the time!

So says Wendy – I’ve been named that by another lovely lady with the loveliest feet ever, Wendy!

Not THAT Wendy.

Another one!

She’s quite a Goddess too!

And loves rough sex – and dicks – and the lot.

“Maybe I’ll be a man again someday”, she once told me. 



She IS a man, so dominant is she!

She’s the same girl I wrote about a week or so ago that added from the group I created for kink in China – and then left it, because it wasn’t serving it’s purpose.

Strange how things work out eventually!

Anyway, Madam Dani wrote to me yesterday.

Yeah period can suck? specially the days before are the worst for me.

A little mix of everything, the future, the present, all. I wish men get period too lol so they can be more empathetic about it.. some are wow really shitty with that or disgusted by it, and I don’t understand that… is nature not something we women chose.

That right you won’t know if he is being lazy or really working on that. However, I am sure if you give him an ultimatum he gives you and answer, that always help.


(she was on her period, we were discussing something else…)

(she was stressed about the future, the past, sound familiar??)

Yours truly –

So true, haha, thats what I wrote in the book on sissygasms – men being “locked up” and leaking … feeling “wet” all day like women with butt plugs in their ass, hehe. Truly makes you feel like a woman!

I Dont think it’s disgusting at all, haha. In fact, “play wise”, I’ve served women on periods too … to me, it makes it sexier, and it’s just a natural bodily function, nothing to be disgusted over, or lose sleep over, Princess – if anything, it’s an “excuse” to worship you more, ahhahahahah.

But yeah, the feelings, emotions – I get it – rollercoaster!

I’ve given him several ultimatums, nothing has worked. <chopped> is a shit place, gotta do it the way they do it, which is just drag it on and on and on, eventually “something” happens. Haha.


Mike Watson

And, I mean that!

I mean, it’s a normal bodily function, so why the shame?

Anyway, in Sissy Central I believe I wrote about how you should ALWAYS have your butt plugged.

And cock locked, preferably!

The feeling of LEAKING all day especially as you got hornier, ESPECIALLY if she teases your nipples and lets go – and the crux – REMOTE CONTROLLED BUTT PLUGS – oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – that is SUCH BLISS – and makes you “Wet” all day like women, so you’ll truly understand how they feel – on periods – and when horny!

And, understanding how a woman feels from the inside out is key to BECOMING one, boy!

And thats why I wrote about that … its a book, that along with the book on sissygasms – YOU need to grab – immediately!

And that, my friend is that (oh, you could grab the Reader too).


Mike Watson


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