“Just shut up!” “And BOUNCE!!!” – oh, MY, Sophia Ma’am is SO MANLY! I so LOVE HER!

Sophia Ma’am, well, what I can say, she is such a Queen and Goddess!

A while ago, she sent me a message on wechat (we hadn’t spoken in a while, since Madam, I figured, was so busy (not really, hehe) with her stud from Turkey)).

“Checking to see if you deleted me!”

That was interesting, why would I delete her.

But women in general are so SMART! She needed a simp at the time, and then …

So today, I was chatting with her, I told her all this, and then I asked her about her other men.

“Where are they all!” 

I asked her how many she wanted. Hehe.

But anyway, it seemed she hadn’t even been speaking with her Turkish man as of late…

nah, he just go back to shool and busy with his study, I guess


I reminded Madam of his naked body, his lovely big dick, how SEXY he is … 

“Thank you!”

For what, Madam, I asked.

“For reminding me!”

I couldn’t believe she forgot him. Hehe. And remembered to ask me if I deleted her … after months of no chat. Haha.

Goes to show you what dominating women REALLY want, I’ve written about this in each point of “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“.

Anyway … what do women really want in general?

I want you to stay quiet and show up when I want you!

And that turned me on so!

Of course Madam sent me a picture of herself in a dress (that she, according to her “sent other men” sometimes).

Not that I need more pictures of her. I’ve got so many already, which I suspect she didnt send other men. Hehe.

Those lovely strong legs were showing, those lovely FEET, those “strong feet, not elegant“.

I remembered Madam’s words.

“You can NEVER sleep with me or have sex with me, boy!” Do you UNDERSTAND? 

“Mike, go make me a sandwich!”

“No, you FOOL!”

“Mike, go take the trash out!”

And so forth … “Clean the floor!”

Then, I had to ask her again.

“Madam, please show me your soles”.

Cant, she went.

can’t, they are like men’s

I dont care what they are like. Show me.

And then she showed me, and it made me so weak, those big, strong, MANLY FEET and the heel was CRACKED!

“Ugly”, she asked me cautiously.


All I can say, Thank you. You still make me so weak. Hehe.

I even find your ugly moods sexy, Sophia. your foot, I just want to massage it with lotion. Is that OK?

Anyway, Madam was enjoying her show.

And then she repeated what she said above, I want you to stay quiet and show up when I need you!

Madam in that sort of a bitchy mood,

Madam with her soles cracked – I feel so BAD!

Madam so dominating and manly, and how she said it after my gushing simpy notes…

“Just shut up!!!!!!!!” 

“And BOUNCE!!!!!!!!!!” 

Hearing that, I almost came in my pants.

SO manly, so dominating, oh MY!

Her mind is truly what matters, my friend.

Now, what does this have to do with you other than getting you rock hard in pants?

Well, many things, but most of all, two things –

I asked Sophia why she suddenly remembered me out of the blue, and why she never chatted before (for months).

“Cause you’re always so horny!” she went. hehe.

That I am. Hehe. So it should be, and I told her how I wake up with a giant hard on every morning, how horny = good health, how I’m almost 42, I look 28, feel evern younger…

There’s lots of secrets to all that (Sissy Workouts is part of it, of course) … but the real reason this is applicable to you?

Well, if women with so many different sexy men still find a way to keep me in their contacts, long after I’ve “forgotten” them … well, there must be a reason.

Sophia didnt show me her soles, or that lovely pic for a while, today, it was on auto pilot.


And to make this happen in your life, follow the tips laid out in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“.

If after all this above you need further convincing, well, femdom isn’t for you, and never will be i.e. real femdom.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – Another reason Madam didnt talk to me?

Well, she keeps wanting to video call me, call me, chat … but thats something Mike Watson Does NOT do – except in rare cases.

I’d rather chat if I have to via typing or not, way less waste of energy …

For Madam, of course, it’s about free English practice…

So SMART, and I love her so! muah xo.

But, the way she says “and bounce!!”

So cute, I can tell she’s still learning. Hehe. Sophia, you’re just perfect…

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